Luxury Penthouse in Malta: new heights of extravagance and luxury for the wealthy

Today, our resource for travelers will continue with stories about the best places in the island nations. Located in the heart of Portomaso, Saint Julian's, this exquisite penthouse will shatter your idea of luxury.

Surrounded by the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, the house is almost 1000 square meters. The large living space will show you what real wealth and chic is all about, and the waters of St Julian Bay are perfect for yacht cruising.

A small pool on the veranda of the penthouse

Spacious dining room, is a wonderful addition to the wide living room. Beautiful wooden furniture, completes the artistic look of the interior and looks quite striking against the ivory walls. You will have all the comforts of home in the form of glass coffee tables and a comfortable sofa in genuine white leather.

Wide doors, wide arches and large glass windows that offer a magnificent view of Malta's beautiful beaches and the Mediterranean Sea, creating a feeling of tranquility and freedom.

Terrace seating area

Kitchen accommodates a bar as well as all the cooking furniture you need in ebony with dark marble countertops and loads of stainless steel cutlery. Modern coffee machine and wine cellar.

On the territory of the villa has a home cinema, game room, gym, sauna and Russian sauna. For car owners, there is a spacious underground parking. Lovers of literature, will be attracted by the incredible size of the library with many books on all kinds of subjects.

If you like this amazing house be ready to shell out 10.800.000 Euros for a very luxurious price, in our opinion.

Green plants in the interior of the penthouse
Library interior design
Mirror wall in the dining room
Black grand piano in the interior of a penthouse
Natural wood kitchen set
Kitchen island with dark countertop
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