Wonderful project of a wooden country house with glass facade

We welcome our guests to the portal of modern design. Today we'll tell you about a cozy home from Mill Valley. It's located in California, USA.

Built in 1951 by Donn Emmons. The house is made of natural wood. Inside, panoramic windows offer stunning and unique views of the sea bay.

Mill Valley home's main entrance
Mill Valley home front glazing
Elegant table in the living room
Kitchen interior design
Blinds on bedroom windows
Paintings in the interior of a private home
Mill Valley home exterior

Two-story building hidden from prying eyes amidst lush exotic vegetation. Living room on the first floor. Wood in the brick fireplace. Some of the furniture is retro-inspired.

Miniature kitchen has all you need to prepare delicious breakfast and dinner. Over the sink there are shelves, where you can easily store your favorite recipe books.

Cozy bedroom and recreation room on the second floor. Windows have Venetian blinds to filter the light. On the sofa it will be pleasant to relax with a book in the hands and spend time with useful and pleasant rest.

The bathroom is a miniature bathroom with all new sanitary fittings. Beautiful plants in planters live on the windowsills.

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