Burton Residence is a contemporary home that blends seamlessly into its natural surroundings. Marmol Radziner, California, USA

Dear readers, I would like to draw your attention to a wonderful project of modern house Burton Residence, located in California, USA. We offer a detailed study of the project and share your experiences.

The simple and eco-efficient design is an unobtrusive addition to the environment, blending organically into the beauty of nature, preserving and enlivening it.

Long Valley Ranch country residence
Long Valley Ranch country residence
Long Valley Ranch Country Residence
Long Valley Ranch country residence
Long Valley Ranch Suburban Residence

Radziner, the author of the project, says this vacation home is located atop a grassy hill in Mendocino County. The main challenge in building the house was to use a simple and unobtrusive design style to organically blend the building into pristine nature, not only preserving its majestic beauty, but also adding to the.

L-shaped building consists of 10 modules. From the southeast, the house has a large, open, picturesque terrace. The road leading to the house climbs to the top of the hill and ends at the garage attached to the west end of the structure . The original staircase that runs along the north side of the house leads from the carport to the terrace entrance. The main part of the building is oriented from east to west. The layout of the home is predominantly open. The living room, kitchen and dining room overlook the patio with an outdoor fireplace and south-facing pool. The bedroom is on the north side of the house and also features access to the terrace, which is bathed in the morning sunlight.

Long Valley Ranch uses a lot of interesting design solutions and highly reliable finishes. Passive solar heating and cooling is achieved by using concrete floors and enclosed terraces, and considering wind direction. A 17 kW solar array generates enough electricity, and a tankless boiler provides uninterrupted water heating. Resistant materials, such as recycled insulation and weather-resistant paint, are used throughout.

Long Valley Ranch country residence layout
Long Valley Ranch country residence plan
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