Ecology as innovation: ZeroEnergy’s elegant house from Bucharest, Romania

Modern design for an eco-friendly home

In today's world, innovative and alternative ways of producing energy are becoming more and more popular. The depletion of familiar resources, their high cost, and the harm done to the environment make us think twice and choose something different. Ways to convert the energy of the sun, rainwater and wind are becoming a fashionable and efficient solution.

Soleta ZeroEnergy One by FITS is a foundation for the invention of new technologies, which has achieved spectacular success in this field.

Open porch with mirrored wall

Today in our forum about interior design we present one of the first ecological houses, which is located in Bucharest, Romania. These houses are very difficult to design because everything has to be functional and comfortable. Solar, wind, geothermal and hydropower are used to serve the energy needs of the home.

Of the usual technology it uses only economical LED installations. The house gets everything else from natural energy sources. Special energy conversion systems provide sufficient light and temperature. The creators say that this design is the most convenient and does not harm the environment.

On the open veranda there is a table with armchairs in a minimalist style

From an aesthetic point of view the house is magnificently done. Clean white walls, neutral color combinations, warm wood surfaces and large glass windows give it a modern look. And the nice details and the abundance of textiles create a cozy home. The design of the house is clever and can be transformed to meet the different needs of the family. The house is ideally suited to all weather conditions. In our opinion, Soleta ZeroEnergy – an excellent example of environmentally friendly homes.

A bathroom under the stairs and a cozy nook for the baby
View from the second floor gallery to the dining room
The house has many decorative lanterns that emphasize the autonomous way of lighting the house
Dining table with black and white tableware
Luxurious bed with pillows and plaid in the style of Romanticism
Evening illumination of the house by candles in numerous lanterns
The home falls asleep with the sun - a testament to the synchronicity of homeowners and nature
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