A unique collection of homes in the bestselling Life by the Sea

Living room in natural colors

The typical color palette in the works of the writer is sustained in natural hues that represent water, sand, sky and sea. He also likes unique combinations such as wicker chairs with unobtrusive patterns on the upholstery. The result, in his opinion, is a calm and comfortable interior design.

Living room in a neutral palette

You can bring to life the feeling of beach style even in urban apartments. It is necessary to use a neutral shade palette with unusual tones: soft gray, beige, sapphire, the color of sea waves and sand. Add textured turquoise wallpaper or accessories with mother-of-pearl to your home decor. The decorations are complemented by silverware and fine jewelry.

Living room in nautical style

The writer likes to incorporate heirlooms and clients' favorite artwork into the interior, as they can create an incredibly aesthetic atmosphere. For an acquaintance of his who wanted to use an old metal chandelier in a design, he came up with and implemented an unusual creative project. He covered this piece of furniture with many small shells, which gave the piece a new and impressive look. In addition, the light fixture became the main epicenter of attention in the space.

Storage areas in the bedroom

Sometimes you need to get creative with the arrangement of storage areas and furniture in a room. Built-ins were fitted on either side of the bed, infusing the furnishings of the dream home with special functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The cover of Barclay Buter's book

The writer's book, "Life by the Sea," is now available in bookstores and online. It would make a great gift for any hostess and will also hold a place of honor in your home library.

Barclay Buter author of Living by the Sea

Barclay Buter designs and develops fabric, furniture, rugs, lighting, artwork, linens and many other items you may have seen in the photos above.

We presented you a stunning selection of options for decorating an interesting house project in the style of the beach, which was wonderfully described by the master Barclay Butera in his unique literary work entitled Living on the Coast.

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