A soaring house with compact dimensions: a comparative overview

Modular floating house

But a quick glance at this minimalist construction is enough to realize how much it resembles the MiniMod compact house from the Brazilian-Uruguayan collective MAPA. We have already told about this project on the pages of our resource.

A soaring home by MiniMod in nature

Interestingly, the photo gallery from the official releases of both projects reveal similarities: MiniMod is depicted in a field where sheep graze, while MIMA shares the frame with a horse. It must be said that animals rarely act as background elements in pictures of architectural objects.

MIMA's soaring house in the countryside

In both cases, plywood is used for the interior, making the two houses practically siblings.

Well, the architecture implies building houses with a glance at successful analogues. In this area, trends are regularly emerging that become fashionable and force creators of all levels to borrow and imitate. One thing all modular buildings have in common is that they are designed with traffic safety in mind, but some of them do not look very rational.

Which of the two projects do you think deserves more attention??

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    Is a soaring house with compact dimensions a practical and efficient choice for modern living?

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