Break the shackles and immerse yourself in an ocean of light and freedom with the design of the New York City penthouse

White Walls on Penthouse
Spiral staircase in the penthouse
Unusual Penthouse Staircase

The staircase to the second floor has an elegant curve that adds charm and depth to the whole place. Those who own private two-story houses can safely use this example and remove the classic options of bulky staircases, replacing them with a more sympathetic and spectacular option.

Designer furniture in the penthouse

The decor and interior elements, as well as the stylish furniture are decorated in a common color scheme, which only increases the quality of the resulting image.

The dining room and kitchen are saturated with darker tones, as well as various mirrored surfaces that enhance the effect of the color contrast applied. This palette gives a clear indication of the space in question and makes you feel at ease while cooking as well as eating.

Penthouse Dining Room

Don't skimp on white in the bedroom, either. The windows that are a source of sunlight will make your sleep akin to a flight in the clouds, which will have a positive effect not only on your mood but also on your well-being. Small inserts of bright color in the form of armchairs and soft plaid will reduce the glare effect and make the surrounding space more comfortable.

Big windows in the penthouse
Penthouse bathroom
Workroom in the penthouse
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