BT House unique mansion – architectural cubism by Studio Guilherme Torres, São Paulo

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, an entirely unique creation recently came to fruition of the world's most renowned architects, Combining modern ideas with traditional materials. The house is located in a densely built area, on a slightly sloping plot. It was this combination of conditions that inspired architect Guilherme Torres to create the project.

BT House Private House

The first floor of BT House is a square monolith of brick, punctuated by spacious spans that support several columns. The excessive massiveness of the stone is perfectly balanced landscaping, designed by Alex Hanazaki.

The movement of the Texas pampas grass planted around the perimeter adds to the airiness of the entire structure. The block is divided into two functional parts, with a courtyard with a swimming pool between them.

BT House private home pool

The square of the first floor is inconceivably supported by the elongated rectangle of the second floor, whose cantilever extends far beyond the boundary of the base. The mashrabia lattice woodwork, typical of the oriental country, has been used in the interiors. Externally, creating a homogenous surface effect and providing privacy for the owners' lives, they let in light and air beautifully.

Bathroom interior design
BT House corridor interior

The author tried to make the interior decor and furnishings as cheerful and comfortable as possible. Both Guilherme Torres' own designs and the interior pieces designed by other famous Brazilian designers Sérgio Rodrigues and Carlos Motta were used for this. The cosmopolitan ambience is given by the products of designer Tom Dixon and Iranian carpets decorating the rooms.

Living room with dining area
Interior design of a bedroom in white and gray tones
Interior design of the nursery
Interior design for a nursery in blue tones
Interior of the nursery in blue tones
Living room wall coverings
Trees in the courtyard of BT House

The visitors of the Beautiful Country House were able to assess the unusual project, thanks to the information provided by Studio Guilherme Torres

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