Home as an extension of nature – Wairau Valley House by Parsonson Architects design studio, Rapaura Village, Blenheim, New Zealand

Welcome guests to the portal A beautiful country house! Today's post is about a project by New Zealand interior design studio Parsonson Architects. Located in Rapaura, northeast of Blenheim, New Zealand.

This modern structure was designed to blend seamlessly into its surroundings without the expense of landscaping. The property is located at the foot of the hills, surrounded by farms, orchards and vineyards. The gentle slope of the gable blurs the boundaries between the building and the surrounding area. A patio with a lawn and small pool makes a great place for families to relax.

Wairau Valley House courtyard design
Wairau Valley House wooden exterior

The facade is not heavy, thanks to slim, elegant columns, large windows and light-colored stone. The cottage looks beautiful against the bright New Zealand sky and lush grass. The structure is designed to let in air and sunlight and become part of the natural surroundings.

The straightforwardness of the concrete walls is softened by the warm eucalyptus wood in the interior. Light, luxurious, designer furniture and a live fireplace add to the room's coziness.

Covered terrace of the Wairau Valley House
Sliding glass doors to the patio
Wairau Valley House interior wall finish

Thanks to the unusual room plan, the house combines privacy and spaciousness. The concept of eco-friendliness and inclusion in nature is supported by the furnishings. Dividing the residence into zones not by blank walls, but with the help of lighting and furniture.

The light design of the house is shaped by the panoramic windows, which create a joyful, sun-soaked atmosphere inside. Space for a small garden in the backyard.

The mansion as a whole is beautifully balanced and harmonious.

Kitchen island with metal worktop
Track Lighting for Wairau Valley House
Private Wairau Valley House floor plan
Wairau Valley House private home floor plan
Wairau Valley House private house blueprint
Wairau Valley House private home floor plan

Materials courtesy of Parsonson's Parsonson Architects.

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