Kitchen extension on the house: Extension C – a small but very creative extension by Loïc Picquet Architecte, St. Paul, MO. Louis, France

Extension C country house design in France

In doing so, the architects created a real jewel of a design. They installed a small frame on the flat glass wall – an original window-in-window system. The window is quite functional –you can open it, –and it looks amazing!

The simple design of the outbuilding blends very well with the concrete walls. A small staircase leads from the annex to the rest of the house. Isn't it interesting to see how Loïc Picquet Architect turned this small outbuilding (which traditionally uses more dramatic architectural elements) into a real highlight with the original lighting of the house?

The dining room of the Extension C in France
Dining room of the Extension C country house in France
Extension C country house design in France
Designing the Extension C suburban house in France
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