Images of fashionable series in the interior of New York apartments

Design of a bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows

The large windows of the apartments provide sweeping views of the skyline, downtown, and the upscale East River district. 

Apartment with built-in fireplace
Children's room design in green tones
Lounge with round table and original chairs
Terrace overlooking the city

At the height of the 32nd floor, the penthouse keeps an air of boundless freedom and gives the illusory feeling of being close to the clouds. The Milan condominium apartments are perfect for large noisy receptions as well as families with small children.

The Royal lobby is inspired by characters from “Gossip Girl” “Curb your Enthusiasm” “The Good Wife” and the movie “Wolf of Wall Street”. The apartment building is within walking distance of restaurants, boutiques of famous brands and prestigious supermarkets known far beyond the country.

Where a person's loftiest dreams come true, a new kind of person, a new kind of relationship, and new desires are born. An exclusive abode on top of the world, enclosed in the arms of a monolithic structure, created for those who want to live by their own laws.

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