Italy: perfect holidays and profitable investments

Luxury villa with pool

The global economic crisis has had a serious impact on the Italian real estate market, because to buy or rent a villa in a luxurious area of Italy can afford not only a noble millionaire, but also a vacationer on money. Moreover, if just a few years ago, real estate in Italy, for example, in the South – Calabria, cost $ 15 thousand., At the same time it concerns the elite housing or spacious apartments on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

To date, a square meter of real estate in major cities such as Rome or Milan can cost from 500 to 5000 euros. It is because real estate prices in Italy are much lower than in other European regions such as Switzerland, Austria or Germany, the local villas are quite attractive for Russian citizens.

The reason for this state of real estate prices in Italy experts call the use of relatively inexpensive building materials, which the Italians have never imported from abroad. In addition, the Italian construction industry is quite well developed, because Italian engineers and construction technology is not in vain considered the best and most in demand all over the world. That is why prices for prestigious villas in Italy are so affordable all over the world.

By the way, the most attention of foreigners enjoys the real estate in the north of Italy, close to the famous border with Switzerland. Local lakes Como, Garda and Maggiore attract and entice with their enchanting beauty. Renting and buying a villa in this amazing corner allows to enjoy a truly divine vacation, because the real estate in these lands is the world's main attraction.

\North of Italy is a place that is literally steeped in history, and this makes it increasingly popular for buying and renting property. By the way, the number of villas in the region for rent and sale is always limited, because investing in this kind of real estate can bring incredible profits.

Another place where selling real estate in Italy is the second most popular is Milan – a major financial city and some cultural center. Attractiveness of renting and buying villas in the region is due to the fact that the security of investments here is supported by a strong legal and stable state system. The high liquidity of real estate here is provided by the constant interest of investors, it is connected with a sufficient amount of available funds in the population.

Real estate is also very popular in Italy by the sea, namely in the seaside resorts of Milano Marittimo and Marina di Ravenna, where it is provided the maximum price increase of 18-19%. The island of Capri, where the increase in property prices is due to the relatively small size of the island and its interesting history, also has a high rating.

That's why to buy a villa here is considered a property of luxury living, because only world celebrities can afford the local property. To feel the privileged position is already possible, if you rent a villa in Italy.

To summarize, we can say that the villa purchased in Italy is not only an opportunity to get a great home for the holidays, but also to have a regular and considerable income, because renting out local properties can substantially raise your financial status.

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