Villa L offshore.A. Modern in the center of Italy by Carlo Donati Studio – the perfect place for creative types

All visitors of Forum City have the opportunity to be transported in their minds to sunny Italy, more precisely, to charming little town of Lodi in the north. In this very picturesque location on a 500 sq. Villa L.A. Modern, by Carlo Donati Studio.

Spa Corner

It's no coincidence that the project has a name that can literally be translated as "Los Angeles Art Nouveau". The architecture of the building, the organization of the space around it, and the coloristic solution reminds us of Palm Springs' Pacific Coast residences. The boldness and sharpness of interior design is achieved by using modern materials.

A two-storey house immersed in the verdure of a luxuriant garden, designed to accommodate the most ordinary Italian family. The kitchen overlooks the pool and in the middle of the planked "planking" in front of it there is a tree whose crown is planted through a hole in the flat roof of the terrace. In this way, the designer shows that any object in the landscape can contribute to the shaping of the style of the surrounding area, embodying the unity of man-made forms with the pristine.

Living Room
The night view of the courtyard
Back view

Round holes of different sizes look unexpectedly and organically on the dark wall of the ground floor of the villa. In fact, these are the windows that cast electric light onto the surface of the pool at night. They serve as additional sources of sunlight for the spacious living room.

An extraordinary tree

Photo courtesy of Giorgio Possenti.

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