Luxury and privacy in an amazing country house

There is probably not a single person who hasn't heard of the natural beauty of New Zealand. Blue mountains, clear lakes, and wide valleys carpeted with lush grasses still retain their pristine, unspoiled beauty. And of course, many would agree to have a home in such surroundings.

The mansion discussed below, named by the author of the project Nelson House after the city in which it is located, has all the qualities of an ideal home. Modern design, high level of comfort, natural materials for the construction and decoration, as well as privacy and tranquility make it very attractive.

In addition, its unassuming forms fit harmoniously into the luxurious landscape and emphasize the close relationship with the environment. Nature, in turn, lavishes its owners with lush landscapes, intoxicating smells and captivating sounds.

Nelson House facade finish
The courtyard of Nelson House

Although the mansion is rather poorly decorated, even the few existing items are very impressive. The first thing to note are the paintings, which add color to the understated interior. Although the presence of such art objects in the projects is hard to surprise, they look particularly impressive at Nelson House, which may be due to the fact that they are the only decorations on the walls.

Also eye-catching are the designer sun clock, the wicker round lamp, and the original bench made of a tree trunk. All these things are made of wood of different species and look flawless against the natural finish and the chosen configuration of the furniture.

Nelson House breakfast nook

It should be emphasized that it is not only the design and decoration of the building that are environmentally friendly and inextricably linked to the environment. The author of the project for its maintenance and energy efficient installation, the maximum use of energy from sunlight, which, by the way, in this country more than enough.

The facade of the Nelson House private home

Photos of Nelson House courtesy of author Kerr Ritchie

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