A luxurious and delightful house 3 in Payandé Hill, where the world is in the palm of your hand surrounded by fantastic scenery and purple sunsets, Colombia

Have you ever seen a purple sunset? Are you often surrounded by cosmic landscapes? This treasure is available to the owners of a small residence in Colombia and …visitors to the fascinating portal!

Wooden facade finishing
Living room on the terrace of House 3
The covered terrace of House 3
The patio in House 3

The private area includes 4 chic bedrooms connected by a natural corridor, with views of the mountains Each bathroom has natural light and its own garden. Materials simple, light colors. Air permeates the house, plants sprout in it, the sun's rays are reflected in the shine of the metal elements. Pool water gives coolness after a hot day.

Modern Bathroom Design
Evening illumination of the facade and pool of House 3
House 3 house plan diagram

Courtesy of Arquitectura en Estudio

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  1. Hadley

    This description sounds captivating! I’m curious to know more about the specific amenities and features of this luxurious house in Payandé Hill. Can you provide more details on the size, design, and any unique elements that make it truly delightful? Additionally, could you share information about the surrounding area and what activities or attractions are easily accessible from this location in Colombia?

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