Merging with nature – a green oasis of pleasure at Baleia Condo by Studio Arthur Casas in São Sebastião

The ideal home is not just four walls, but a living structure that combines nature to become part of a larger beauty. Isn't it amazing: to live in an environment where the sounds you hear flow from water and songs of indescribable beauty? Heaven on earth is not just a myth!

Villa Baleia Condo facade

The design studio did a project of several houses at a relatively low cost, which were placed at the request of the client in the corners of the property. Thus revealing the true splendor of the surrounding landscape. Examining the photos, you can see that the result exceeded all expectations!

Baleia Condo Villa's rooftop landscaping
Lounge by the pool
Wooden furniture on the outdoor veranda

Neutral colors prevail, in which the walls are painted. Regardless of the time of day you will always be comfortable and cosy in such a house. Anyone can indulge in such a luxurious extravagance if they set themselves the goal. Living in this beautiful place, you can constantly experience this fabulous inspiration.

Would you like to live in a house like this??

Baleia Condo Villa Living Room Design
Baleia Condo Villa bedroom interior design
Evening lighting of Villa Baleia Condo
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