Mimodo Architects’ original method of adding extra living space to the Mile End in London

White walls in the residence

The extreme rudeness of the original layout can be explained by the fact that the building had previously been used solely for household purposes – as a storage room for various items. But now that the owners are in need of more square footage, renovation is the only way out.

The exterior of the residence

First of all, the architects attached a single-storey extension to the main building, moving the lobby with stairs to its opposite side. Partial removal of walls freed up additional space for arranging the necessary functional areas. It has a new kitchen and a third bedroom.

Red sofa in the residence
White kitchen in the residence
LED lighting in the residence
Bathroom in the Residence
Bathroom in the residence

The project by Mimodo Architects impresses more by its cleverness than by its scale. Much of his success came from the layout of the house and his clever approach to organizing the space.

Photos: Marta Gradaille.

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