Glass and concrete home projects: a stately and welcoming mansion by Shubin + Donaldson, Toro Canyon, Calif

Living room of modern country house in California

The building is made of concrete. The designers decided not to hide the texture of this material under the interior finish. Natural mahogany and oak were used for the window frames and ceiling. The combination of expensive wood, concrete and luxurious furniture was unexpectedly harmonious.

The bedroom of a modern country house in California

The bedroom boasts rich leather and wood furniture, snow-white portieres and lamps, a wall-mounted fireplace and an oak veneer ceiling. Against this luxurious backdrop, the gray walls lend a certain significance and completeness to the surroundings.

The hallway of a modern California country home

Design a modern California townhome

As already mentioned, the soloists here are glass and stone. The eternal struggle and unity of opposites. It's the glass – elite doors, panoramic windows – that fills all the rooms with light, makes rooms transparent and light, lets the brightness of natural colors into the gray interior.

The pool deck of a modern California vacation home

The pool is a marvel. It can be accessed from the living room. Sunbathing on the terrace and admiring the night sky and the reflection of the stars in the water.

Design of a modern country house in California

The designers certainly did a great job, combining such contradictory textures into one ensemble. But the main advantage of this construction is its monolithicism. Because it can cope with the hurricanes and earthquakes that these places are known for.

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