Large family home project: the delightful Kloof 151 by SAOTA of South Africa

Swimming pool at home
Outdoor dining area

The building has three floors and an in-built parking garage. The first floor features a spacious kitchen and large entrance hall. The house is surrounded by outside terraces with comfortable couches and all kinds of tables – from coffee tables to dining tables. Here you can lie back, breathe in the fresh air, relax or have tea at sunset with your family while enjoying the gorgeous scenery.

On the northwest terrace there is a cascading pool that underlines the proximity of the ocean. The interior design is very simple, but modern fashions are present in all details of decoration and furniture. The concrete ceilings, natural stone fireplace and flooring in wide stone slabs of uncut marble look very imposing and substantial.

Terrace for massage and spa treatments
Lounge on the hill
Layout of the project
Room layout
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  1. Delaney

    This large family home project seems interesting. Can you provide more details about the Kloof 151 by SAOTA in South Africa? What are its key features, design aesthetics, and overall architectural vision?

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