Incredible white house surrounded by palm trees and lotuses – a project of Lotus studio


A chic kitchen and dining room share the same space, also decorated in white. The dining area features a large table with a solid wood countertop, and it too is a bearer of natural texture and a warm, natural palette. 

Kitchen design

Cozy chairs and sofas in the living room area promise comfortable time with friends and family. Here you can chat endlessly with each other and watch programs on the big TV screen. It is mounted on a wooden panel in an orange shade.

Entrance to the patio and pool

The main living room, highlighted by a white corner sofa and a beautiful orange and white rug, has a higher ceiling than the rest of the room. Large horizontal windows, designed like skylights, provide daylight to this complex interior.

Bedroom design in light colors
The color scheme of the bedroom

Especially striking is the design of the bathroom. Its distinctive features are a lot of mirrors, a lot of light and woodwork in the typical warm colors of this house.

Glass ceilings
A large pool on the patio

The yard just looks gorgeous in the dark: the night sky above your head and the light pouring through the glass walls – what could be more romantic??

Bio fireplace in the interior

In search of coziness and privacy, homeowners come to this heavenly spot to enjoy the peaceful gurgling of the fountain and the beauty of the lotus blossoms. 

A combination of white stone and wood in the interior

From the outside, the house looks like a mysterious structure created by the imagination of a science-fiction writer or a very bold architect. You just want to climb inside to fully appreciate the aesthetics and textural variety of the interior!

Home exterior

Photos: Ryan Gamma.

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