Trendy interiors: the sensual flower of Malaysia, or the unique apartment-inspiration of Blu Water Studio, Kuala Lumpur

A luxurious residence in Kuala Lumpur

Here soothing shades of gray subtly harmonize with the saturated yellow and turquoise colors. Tinted mirrors enhance light reflection and visually enlarge the space. Transparent tables and chairs make a small dining room very open and at the same time functionally demarcate it. A refined and unusual furniture completes the composition. Yellow armchair – elegant home décor element, like a sculpture, embodies the room, embodying a masculine style.

A luxury residence in Kuala Lumpur
A luxurious residence in Kuala Lumpur

Timeless classics by Dior defines the design concept of this apartment as more than just a dwelling. The great French designer's influence is evident in both silhouettes and colors, with a feminine elegance expressed in shapes and textures. The variety of pleats, seen in great detail in the 2012 spring/summer womenswear collection, is a major design feature on the catwalk.

A pleated wall of vinyl "planks" in the living room attracted designers by the flexibility of the material. The "layering" created by this feature gives the room a kind of mystery that is traditionally peculiar to beautiful ladies. To add a natural touch to the interior, the designers added bright green and deep purple to the basic black tone. Once upon a time, the great Dior created the image of a woman-flower, a woman-rose. And in this living room, the center of attention is the flower chair, which, like a miniature art installation, softly contrasts with the luxurious carpet.

A luxurious residence in Kuala Lumpur
A luxurious residence in Kuala Lumpur
A luxurious residence in Kuala Lumpur
A luxurious residence in Kuala Lumpur
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    What are some notable features or design elements that make Blu Water Studio in Kuala Lumpur a unique and inspiring apartment?

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