Amazing homes for today’s travelers – stunning mobile home projects

Good afternoon, dear readers of Forum City! Today we are pleased to discuss with you a very interesting and unusual topic of mobile homes. It seems strange that someone wants to live in a house on wheels! But as it turns out, there are a lot of brave souls in the world. This is a great solution for fans of alternative lifestyles. Moreover, the best projects of this type are not only highly functional, but also quite aesthetically pleasing.

Caravan by Mehrzeller

Interior of the house on wheels by Mehrzeller

Mehrzeller houses can be used not only for permanent residence, but are also perfect for tourists and travelers.

Floating Lake Union House

Due to its small size, the entire space of the house is as functional as possible. It is worth noting that the guest and rest rooms are on top (on the roof), while the bedrooms are lowered down.

The interior of the floating lake house

A tiny house

The tiny house concept (WeeHouse), developed by Alchemy architects, is a fast-moving modular system that never ceases to amaze. In other words, it is a prefabricated structure, each room of which is a separate unit.

A house of small size

A big advantage of such structures is their increased environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. It can be erected in such a way that it uses rainwater and solar energy, for example.

Interior of a small house

If you lead an agile lifestyle, the home can travel with you!

A small house on a transporter
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