Left photos Wonderful Colombian house with mountain views –Casa 3 by Arquitectura en Estudio, Villeta

A Colombian house with mountain views
Columbian home with mountain views
Front door to the house

You can enter the residence through the spacious garden, from which you can immediately see the structure and furnishings of the rooms, buried in an abundance of vegetation. The interior design of the living, dining and kitchen areas blends well with outdoor elements such as the pool and grounds. Creates a harmonious space that blends in with the landscape.

Living room interior with mountain views
Living room interior with mountain views

Casa 3 includes four bedrooms located in a separate wing so that you can get inside through the terrace or corridor. Great views from the windows The mountain views, and the ubiquitous greenery and unfenced areas of the house create a unique sense of outdoor living. Unusual bathrooms are dominated by natural light and also feature small gardens.

Minimalist Study
Minimalist Study

The modern Colombian mansion consists mostly of simple structures. Round metal columns, smooth horizontal concrete slabs and carefully woven “wood curtains” acting as blinds that can be fully opened or closed, – these are the main details of the original interior design.

Columbian home with a view of the mountains
Terrace Bed

Mountains, vegetation and water are everywhere, and the air constantly circulates freely from outside to inside and vice versa. The feeling of being in a closed space disappears indoors. It's unclear where the mansion begins and ends, so the natural ambiance of living in natural surroundings with all the comforts of civilization leaves a lasting impression.

Swimming pool by the house with mountain views
Swimming pool by the house with mountain views
Terrace for relaxing with mountain views
Mountain View Bedroom
Plants in the Bathroom
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