Alma Street duplex project for a large family

Brick facade of a duplex
Duplex with Terrace
The roof of a private home

The interior will please even the most sophisticated connoisseurs of design art. Refined and clean minimalism fills every corner of the house with freshness and neatness.

A neutral palette of cool colors became the perfect background, on which each detail of the interior looks expressive and flawless. As for the furnishings, it can't be called monotonous.

Natural wood prevails among the materials, softening the austere, minimalist interior. Glossy polished fronts give a refined chic to the laconic simplicity of furniture sets, and cute vintage elements add a touch of eclectic coziness.

A minimalist living room
Stairs with wooden steps in the house
Study on the second floor
Blueprint for a private home
Plan diagram of a private home

Thomas Balaban Architecte team helped to turn the owners' dream of the perfect house into reality by out of the box approach and attention to the owners' wishes.

In every detail of the new duplex you can feel the elegance, taste and personality.

How's this for a family home??

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  1. Skylar

    The Alma Street duplex project for a large family sounds intriguing! I’m curious about the specific features and design elements incorporated to accommodate a larger family. Are there multiple bedrooms and bathrooms? Is there enough storage space? How about common areas and outdoor spaces? Additionally, I’m interested in knowing if any sustainable or energy-efficient features are included in the project. Overall, I’m eager to learn more about how this project caters to the needs of a large family.

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