Cozy interior of an old Dutch house in pastel colors

Kitchen interior in light colors

The kitchen is on the top floor under the classic gable roof. It features a functional and practical interior design, which combines minimalist, light-colored furniture and high-tech equipment. Spotlight – original island with drawer stools.

Interior of the kitchen in light colors

A very important design element for the owners was the glass sliding doors leading from the kitchen to the terrace. The owners love eating breakfast outdoors, gazing out at the cityscape.

Hammock in the interior of the living room

Note the interesting design of the staircase! It has built in drawers where the owners store children's toys, clothes, tools and other things. The last, and uppermost, compartment under the stairs hides a small guest bathroom behind its door.

Storage area in the staircase
Stairs to second floor

The living room is decorated very simply and laconically, in the style of cozy minimalism. Bright wall decor, Wooden floors, a modern fireplace and quality furniture create a truly charming ambiance.

Hammock in the living room
Children's room in the apartment

The bedroom is decorated in muted tones. The only bright spot –a stylish black floor lamp by the bed.

Kids room

The parents' bedroom is under the children's room. Neutral soft colors, minimalist interior, comfortable furniture and flowing curtains on the windows create a soothing atmosphere.

Light-colored bedroom interior

Panoramic windows offer a wonderful view over the beautiful old buildings and the unusual houses.

Light-colored bathroom interior design
Contrasting combinations in the interior of the room
Contrasting combinations in the interior of a room

And this is what the house looks like from the outside. Isn't the architecture very characteristic of the Netherlands??

Historic exterior

Interesting home design by Fabiana Toni and Rocco Reukema in Rotterdam, Netherlands, is an interesting design solution that allowed to create a real comfort in a house with a vertical layout.

A beautiful historic house with a great feel, well planned rooms, a quiet and comfortable interior – what more do you need for a comfortable family living in modern city life??

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