Scandinavian style in the interior of the Hilltop country house in England

Finishing walls with light paint

The most simple materials were chosen for the finish – light paint for the walls and polished concrete for the floor. This was done to maximize solar heat absorption and heat the room in the evening.

Passive energy-saving technologies were used in the reconstruction of the cottage: triple glazing, ventilation with heat recuperators, airtight partitions and solar panels.

Scandinavian style mansion interior

Interior design in a splendid Scandinavian style. On the first floor, as mentioned earlier, is the living room, combined with the dining room and kitchen. Open floor plan designed specifically for a large and close-knit family.

The authors of the design project decided to decorate the kitchen in the classic style: wooden furniture with textured front doors and a plastic worktop. A functional island connects this area to the dining room, allowing family members to socialize or watch television while cooking.

Smoky siding on the facade

Specialists painted the exterior wooden siding with smoky paint to match the interior. This natural, breathable structure harmonizes perfectly with the landscaping of the garden plot and gives the exterior a special charm. The veranda connects the rooms of the house with the surrounding nature thanks to the panoramic glazing. When the weather is nice, the Russell family likes to gather here for outdoor recreation.

Interior of the master bedroom in gray tones

Chimney from the furnace goes through the master bedroom on the second floor of the house. The architect decided not to cover it, as it gives the interior a special charm.

Bathroom interior in neutral tones

The functional areas of the cottage – bathrooms, stairs, storage rooms – are located on the north side of the building. And the windows of the bedrooms and living rooms face south.

As with the rest of the house, the bathrooms are decorated in neutral colors. One of the walls is occupied by a big mirror that looks not only like a necessary piece of furniture, but also a decoration.

The unusual house from the architectural agency Emmett Russell Architects in the British city of Bristol is an interesting and creative reconstruction project of an old building. Amazing location among the greenery of trees and shrubs, reliable and comfortable construction of the house, energy-saving technology, convenient layout and thought-out stylish design make it interesting from all points of view.

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