The positives of living in a Tiny House

Small interiors are becoming fashionable among American stars. The authors of the ideas of small buildings give many arguments in their favor and the idea of rational use of space. They even came up with a way to self-adjust to living in a limited space.

Tiny House interior design

Proponents make a number of arguments in favor of small apartment interiors. In larger homes, some rooms are not used every day, but energy for lighting and heating and time for cleaning is spent constantly. 

Reducing the space to 100 square meters, it will be enough to install a solar panel for lighting and electrical appliances. Natural light on the upper tier is provided by small floor-to-ceiling windows and at the end of the structure. Conveniently use the openings in the roof.

Tiny House Living Room

In a tiny house it is difficult to make a mess, because there are no unnecessary items, only necessary and favorite, all the space and furniture is thought out in detail, used functionally. But it's impossible to get a large group of friends together, and even for a noisy party, there's not much room.

The attic can be used as a bedroom only by healthy people for whom the vertical staircase to the second floor without a railing is not a difficult obstacle. In a well-organized small space, there are no unnecessary items and all surfaces are kept to a minimum. You can get them up and running in a few minutes.

Enter Tiny House

The dream home can have a different structure, but much depends on the climate. In the south, you can put a shower or even a kitchen in the backyard. Solar panels will handle all your energy needs. In the north, where cold and fierce winters, you should take care of the stove, a place for firewood, and all the amenities should be inside the walls. But you can ski right from the doorstep.

Thick walls, a canopy over the entrance to keep the porch clear of snow, a high plinth or piles, and arrangements for storing firewood or coal in an easily accessible location. Windows are better to put double-glazed windows for northern areas and the hearth in the center, so that the back wall does not heat the street.

Tiny House Summer Shower in the Backyard

The idea of creating a second level is appealing and requires good analysis. How long will your age and health allow you to use wooden ladders standing upright and will your guests be able to handle such a climb. You can use folding furniture and create transformer interiors as needed in the moment.

Construction with crossbars of boards does not limit the space, freely letting light in and zoning the kitchen. You don't need a high ceiling for cooking, even in large homes designers try to land it with lowered ceilings and various designs.

The bedroom in the attic of the Tiny House

When starting to design small interiors, analyze your habits and needs. What do you like to cook. Complex dishes require the proper equipment in the kitchen. Eating a half-finished meal will allow you to limit yourself to an oven and microwave with a minimal work area.

The home sauna can be for 2 places and occupy a very small area, it is better to place it next to the shower or combine. You can even order pre-made kits and install. The stove takes up little space in the corner, and ladles and oven mitts hanging on the wall look great as a decoration

Tiny House workspace

Heating and gas appliances have set standards for minimum floor space and door requirements, you can't have living rooms above or below them. Familiarize yourself with all the standards for the construction of residential buildings and create your own draft-design, which will simply be finalized by professionals in detail. Even better, when creating your dream home, eliminate the use of gas.

Modern technology allows you to drill a well to a greater depth and make a water supply. Modern septic tanks will simplify the drainage system. Alternative energy sources will allow you to build a cabin in the woods with all the modern conveniences.

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