A metal house in the midst of the treetops, a great retreat for relaxation

Entrance to the forest house

A peculiar vestibule begins at the last step of the stairs. It has a lattice floor of wooden slats, allowing air to ventilate the room.

Glass sliding doors

Inside has everything you need to live. Kitchen with normal furnishings, dining room and bathroom. In cold weather, you can light the fireplace. There is also a bedroom with a bed, nightstand and lamp.

The linens are made of fabrics with natural fibers, the windows look out on a natural wild forest. Interior finishes and furniture are made of light wood and glass.

The interior courtyard of the forest house

A concrete platform serves as a courtyard and is located among columns and ties holding the structure together.

The patio of the forest house

So among the silence and calmness, interrupted only by the rustle of branches and birds singing, rest the residents of the unusual house, created for relaxation.

Floor plan diagram of a metal house
Floor plan diagram of a metal house
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