Dangerous wooden trim: design for a house

Wood trim and furniture

House project without rails and slabs

The owner himself is delighted with his home, and is not at all embarrassed by the lack of precautions. He is a fan of the adventurous spirit and believes that preventing danger is impossible by definition. And indulging in risk, on the other hand, generates caution and foresight that makes it easy to avoid.

Wooden house with no railings or ceilings

A bespoke design for thrill seekers

And the homeowner isn't the only one with this kind of conviction. Many people, reading on the Internet about his unusual house, leave approving comments.

For example, Raimund Abraham emphasizes that buildings, whatever they are, should be dangerous in order to make people constantly return to reality from the virtual world and feel what is happening around them.

Everyone's home is different, so why shouldn't it be free of the usual rules and open to imagination and ideas??

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