Conceptual design project of the Flower House in the industrial style

Hwa Hun, an unusual apartment building in Seoul
The roof garden of the Hwa Hun apartment building

This extraordinary building is located on the northern edge of Korea's capital, near Buchangsan National Park. The topography of the area encourages architects to make maximum use of the available space.

One of the requirements of future owners was to create a building that fits harmoniously into the natural landscape, as well as having its own specific character and soul. The external shape is reminiscent of a carved crown with sharp prongs or an incredible flower blossoming in the mountains.

A small roof garden at Hwa Hun
A small roof garden at Hwa Hun

The house is an intricate reinforced concrete structure with broken lines and sharp angles. Throughout the three levels, the perfect mirror symmetry of the two parts is maintained, it brings harmony to the chaos of endless refractions.

Interior design of the living room at Hwa Hun

Notice how the outer walls have been turned into a real "armor," enveloping the building like a cocoon. It is diluted only by small triangular shaped windows. Behind unapproachable facades hides an original living pavilion.

Hwa Hun apartment building modern kitchen interior design
Hwa Hun Living Home Layout
Hwa Hun residential bedroom interior design
Modern bathroom interior design
Hwa Hun residential house plan diagram
Hwa Hun apartment building blueprint
Hwa Hun Apartment Building Schematic Diagram
Hwa Hun apartment building floor plan
Hwa Hun mobile home floor plan layout
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