Division Knoll House in California is almost unreal!

Division Knoll House facade in California

Minimalism is evident in the simple stone flooring, the slightly arched copper roof and the glass walls, which are a way of reflecting the sky and the ocean while the structure itself seems to float. A Scandinavian touch is apparent in the rough gray cladding of the concrete and wood verticals.

The dramatic play of light and shadow directed at the glass matches the steel surfaces in the kitchen, which looks clean and pragmatic, like a laboratory. The master bedroom is uncluttered and has a stunning view of the sea from the deck of a ship. On the other side is a tile floor that flows seamlessly into the green lawn outside.

Panoramic windows of Division Knoll House with sea views
Kitchen interior design Division Knoll House
Division Knoll House bedroom interior
Glass walls of the Division Knoll House
The glass walls of Division Knoll House
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