House in the mountains – Casa Mirador by AR+C Design Studio, Guayllabamba, Ecuador

Dear Readers! Today, once again, we're going to enjoy a wonderful world of interesting designs. One of these wonders, of course, can be called the Casa Mirador house, located in a private residence in the sunny country of Ecuador, Canton Quito, Guayllabamba. Completed by AR+C in 2013.

Casa Mirador mountain house in Ecuador
Facade of Casa Mirador, the Mountain House in Ecuador
Casa Mirador, a house among the mountains in Ecuador

The inner beauty of the design is not inferior to the outer appearance. The simplicity and comfort of the interior is a logical continuation of the natural lines, thanks to the wooden floor, reminiscent of the deck of a ship and the stone wall in the central part of the living room. The absolute presence of nature around you!

Interior of Casa Mirador House among the mountains in Ecuador
The interior of the Casa Mirador mountain house in Ecuador
Evening view of the Casa Mirador Casa in Ecuador

Material courtesy of AR+C. Photo by Loren Darquea

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