The original eco design of a vertical home at one with nature

Skit vertical house project
Living space in the Skit house
Work space in the Skit
A prayer room in the Skit house

The house is designed for single occupancy. Everything is provided here for both long stays and short retreats (for fasting, icon painting or scientific work). The project focuses on saving space, and to this end, its design makes extensive use of vertical planes.

The dwelling is an insulated structure surrounded by a forest. It consists of lightweight materials, which makes it possible to build it without heavy equipment at any time. Such subtleties of modern technology are sure to want to take on board the guests Beautiful country house, Doing renovations on your home or building a country cottage.

This hermitage generates its own energy from solar panels and stored rainwater. Therefore, no sources of electricity and communications are needed here, neither for construction nor for operation. There is plenty of space for a variety of uses.

Living room, bedroom, study, kitchen and dining room on the 3rd floor2. On the 4th floor there is a prayer room (4 m)2).

On the 2nd floor, you can find a restroom and a shower. And finally, on the 1st floor to save energy – solar panels, rainwater and food storage.

Skit house plan diagram
Floor plans of a Skit house
Schematic diagram of the Skit house
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