Ultramodern design project for a secluded house with a pool in the Arizona desert

The luxurious private Desert Wing House, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, was designed by Brent Kendle and built of tamped earth and brick.

Desert Wing House Exterior

The harmonious and intriguing two-part volume is low maintenance for the traditional lifestyle of the area where the owners live. There are also more expansive areas for hosting guests and friendly gatherings.

The walls of the house are made of tamped earth, brick and concrete to protect the structure from the harsh sun. The design is very attractive and modern, the windows from the ceiling to the floor allow you to admire the sunset, the valleys and the distant city lights. The deep copper overhang roof literally forms the shape of wings, but it also serves to collect rainwater and distribute it to water the surrounding vegetation.

The materials chosen work well in combination, showcasing a sophisticated blend of beige, red and brown. Aerodynamic volume is complemented by a monumental pool with terrace and outdoor living room.

The interior is almost devoid of decoration, except of course for the great tamped earth textures and the concrete walls, which give the residence a restrained and refined color palette.

Terrace at Desert Wing House
Desert Wing House façade
Concrete staircase to second floor
Modern Kitchen with Island
Desert Wing House panoramic windows
Interior design of a living room with a fireplace
Living room interior design with fireplace
Terrace dining
Swimming Pool with Fountain at Desert Wing House
Cobblestone walkway to the Desert Wing House
The facade of Desert Wing House
Desert Wing House exterior
The exterior of the Desert Wing House residence

Arizona House by Brent Kendle.

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