A dazzling pool as a scale replica of an 18th century Stradivarius violin by Cipriano Landscape Design & Custom Swimming Pools

A beautiful residence area with a fiddle shaped pool
A fiddle pool
A beautiful pool in the shape of a fiddle
Pipes at the bottom of the pool are lined in the shape of strings
Landscaping with a swimming pool
A mosaic on a pool deck
Pool illumination in the evening

At night, 250 lights on the bottom of the ponds light up in the form of stars. This "violin" has a strong countercurrent system in its fingerboard, allowing you to swim or paddle a boat against the current. The bow is imitated by two ponds with fish and water lilies.

For year-round use of the pool and spa is a water heating system. Music can be heard even underwater thanks to the special acoustic installation. By the way, it is possible to manage all this complex economy directly from the owner's Iphone.

The outline of the strings in the pool are beautifully illuminated
Evening pool lighting
Beautiful home lighting design
LED pool lighting
Beautiful illumination of the hot tub

You may be interested to know that this pool was named Pool of the Year 2015 in one of the competitions!

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