Lawn luxury and perfection: leveling the soil for a perfect result

Levelling the ground for a lawn

If the soil is of a suitable acidity and fertility and all stones and roots have been removed from the top layer, the next step is to level the area, eliminating the bumps and humps, which may later prevent the use of the lawnmower, as it partially pulls the grass cover with the roots during its operation.

If the site has a slope, you can use terracing. The surface, more fertile and darker layer of soil must be cut and set aside. The desired layer of soil is then removed and the fertile topsoil is returned to its original position.

The easiest way to make a perfectly flat area – using a 2-4 m long board with a construction level fixed on it. The board is laid on the ground. Then the surface layer of the soil is leveled with a shovel, eliminating depressions and lumps, and control the quality of leveling with a level.

And finally, it remains to level the surface with a rake. Repeat this process over and over again over the whole area until you have a perfectly flat, horizontal surface.

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