How much can you earn on Russian stocks.

Previously, we conducted a study on the topic, so that if you invested $ 1,000 in these overseas stocks 10 years ago and how much would you have now. The statistics looked very interesting, and we decided to carry out a similar analysis with Russian stocks, but in the context of 6 months and that’s what happened. So, what would happen if you bought these stocks at? 30,000 half a year ago.

1. DEC (MOEX: DVEC) -? 76.380

make money on Russian stocks

• Share price December 7, 2017:? 0.511
• Share price June 7, 2018:? 1,301
• Growth for 6 months: + 154.6%

DEC stands for “Far Eastern Energy Company”. As the name implies, the company supplies electricity to the Russian Far East.

Its shares are cheap, but this does not change the meaning of interest. Indeed, an increase of + 154.6% always remains so regardless of the price, whether it is 1 ruble or 100,000 rubles.

For a long time, the company’s net profit was negative, but with an increase in the volume of marketable products in 2016, its earnings amounted to +609.9 million.

That is why its shares are growing in price. And if you invested in them? 30,000 six months ago, today would you have already? 76,380.

2. ChTPZ (MOEX: CHEP) -? 52,500

make money on Russian stocks

• Share price December 7, 2017:? 100.00
• Share price June 7, 2018:? 174.5
• Growth for 6 months: + 75%

Chelyabinsk is not so severe as to disappoint its investors. And therefore, the Chelyabinsk Pipe-Rolling Plant or ChelPipe offers its investors good profit..

This plant existed during the Second World War and began to produce its first products in 1942. And if you bought his shares six months ago, now your capital would be? 52,500.

3. MGTS (MOEX: MGTSP) -? 47.106

make money on Russian stocks

• Share price December 7, 2017:? 1.242.00
• Share price June 7, 2018:? 1.950.00
• Growth for 6 months: + 57.02%

Moscow City Telephone Network, it provides telephony services, broadband Internet access, digital television and security systems in Moscow and the Moscow Region.

This is practically a monopolist in this region and the number of its Internet subscribers for 2017 exceeded 1,494,000. Accordingly, if you bought the shares of this company six months ago at? 30,000, would you now earn? 47,106.

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