I want, but I’m afraid to invest – How to extinguish fear

Many are afraid to start investing for fear of losing money, but they are constantly considering investment options. For some, it has become a kind of hobby – to plan, look at stock quotes and do nothing, I am sure the manager of the Avira group of companies, Alexei Zagumenov.

For those who are ready to move from dreams to business, specially for Investlab, an expert from Russia’s largest b2b player in the entertainment industry offers five ways to overcome fear.

Method 1: Learn

I'm afraid to invest

Whatever the investment, it always involves risk. The degree of risk can be assessed by special knowledge about a particular market niche; moreover, sometimes materials from news sites tell about the situation and the possibility of investments more eloquently than experts.

Self-education in this regard helps reduce fear through information. The investor begins to understand the processes, prepares for possible consequences, looks for new ideas, ”says Alexey Zagumenov. Often, through self-education, a small investor begins to understand so much in business that he turns into a businessman.

Method 2: Wait

I'm afraid to invest

Any investment that brings real profit takes time. The Golden Mountains a day after investing money promise not just high-risk organizations, but, most often, fraudulent.

Begin your entry into the world of investment with online P2P lending platforms. In most of them, the entry threshold starts at 5,000 rubles. Having made a contribution with minimal risk, in a month you can get about 80 rubles of net profit plus official tax deductions. This is a bit, but will allow you to learn how to wait and make a profit from expectations. The larger the amount, the longer the investor should be able to wait.

Method 3: split investment

I'm afraid to invest

Losing the entire amount of investment at once is the worst nightmare of an investor. However, we are talking only about beginners. Professionals do not invest in one business more than 20% of the total amount of available funds.

A professional investor is always an operational analyst. Somewhere, he earns 1% of the contribution, but quickly, somewhere – 200%, but in five years. The more contributions, the less risk. At the same time, a certain percentage of each deposit must be returned to the common boiler – funds for further investment.

Method 4: Manage Your Business

I'm afraid to invest

Interestingly, but, as practice shows, most investors sooner or later start managing a business. Most often, those in which previously invested. This helps both self-education, and the ability to analyze arrays of thematic information, and, of course, the thirst for profit. The best business is the one you worry about..

In 2018, the organization of a hostel, the sale of food products in the format “At Home” and the launch of a family entertainment complex were recognized as the most profitable areas of work. In the latter case, the payback period is the lowest – says Alexey Zagumenov.

– I often see how an investor invests in one entertainment center, monitors financial flows, then gradually learns the basics of management and, finally, opens his own institution – even larger and more attractive. The fear of investing here is gradually replaced by entrepreneurial excitement. Business is like a drug.

Method 5: Say goodbye to money

I'm afraid to invest

If you hold money in your hands – this is your money, you worry about them, are afraid to lose them. Fear is like smoke in a fire. And from fear, and from the smoke of people dying more than from fire or bankruptcy.

There is a psychological trick: when investing money, mentally say goodbye to them until the time of refund. If you conducted a comprehensive analysis, chose the best option, trust the business in which you invested – the money will return, and you will greet them again. If you still lose them, then the stress for the body will not be less than an example – you have already waved a hand to them.

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