Find a Samsung phone in case of loss or theft. Search for Samsung phone by satellite, IMEI and via computer

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This company is very popular among users, it seriously competes with Apple, and even problems with the latest Galaxy Note 7 model did not discourage people from buying these phones. If you have been stolen or you have lost a gadget, there are several ways to find a lost Samsung. You can use Samsung or Android tools to search for a device..

How to find a Samsung phone

The creators of mobile and the developers of the operating system for them are trying to protect the owners from theft as much as possible. Samsung phone search can be performed using several functions, provided that it is still on. For example, the company itself has developed a special service for all Samsung owners, which works through an account on the company’s website.

Another level of protection is an account on the Google website, which is the developer of the Android system. This is another option to search for the device if you have lost your cellular. If the mobile is turned off, then you should seek help from law enforcement agencies. The police can make a request to the service provider to search for the gadget. The company must assist in the theft.

Samsung phone

Find Samsung Account

This is the first thing you need to know if you are interested in how to find Samsung yourself. This is an internal company search service for devices that works through a Samsung account. All users should enter the Samsung account through the settings. If you are going through the procedure for the first time, then you need to perform a simple registration. Further, in automatic mode, the remote control function of the device will turn on. Through a computer from your account, you can:

  • block the device;
  • turn on the signal at full volume;
  • show on the map the last determined location of the gadget;
  • completely delete all contents from memory (cannot recover after).

Samsung account application on the phone

Find a Samsung Phone Via Satellite Online

When the device is stolen, finding Samsung becomes more difficult. Attackers often turn off the device, remove the SIM card so that it is not possible to set the position of the device on the card by card number. In such cases, the only way out is to turn to the police for help. It is necessary to write a statement and indicate the IMEI number of the device.

It should be rewritten in advance, the required 15 digits are located under the battery. Also, it can often be seen on the box from the phone. According to this unique serial number, at the request of law enforcement agencies, a mobile provider can try to track even a switched off cell phone. The system will show the last determined location of the device on the map. Police officers who then return the device are engaged in further searches. If he was found at the victim’s address, he faces a fine for false treatment.

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Find Samsung by Google Account

There is another way to find Samsung using your Google account. Everyone who uses Android phones can connect their Google account with their mobile. To do this, you need an account in this system. Then you should log in to it from the cell. Go to the gadget settings, select the Account section, click on the Google inscription there and enter the data from your account. After that, on all devices with Android version 5 and above, remote control is automatically activated. Anyone with an OS younger than this should go to the Administration section and activate this feature..

If you have been stolen or you have lost your mobile, then you can remotely control the device via the Internet from the Google service. The main condition is that it must still be enabled. Through this method, you can select the following actions on the cellular:

  • block the device;
  • force to issue a signal at full volume;
  • establish a message requesting a return for a fee;
  • show location on map;
  • erase all data from the device.
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