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Many people think that fitness trackers are too complicated, incomprehensible and intended only for professional athletes. In fact, everything is much simpler. Anyone can use such a bracelet, regardless of occupation and age. To do this, you do not need to drive seven sweats in the gym – put on this nice accessory for a walk and combine the useful with the pleasant! The GSMIN WR11 will look great on both female and male wrist. She will become a good ally for those who seek to build the right program of physical activity or want to remember in time that it’s time to stretch.

What is a smart bracelet and how does it differ from a tonometer on the wrist

Sometimes they are confused, but the difference between them is very great. Tonometer is a medical device intended for people with heart and blood vessel problems. It is rather bulky and not designed to be worn continuously, and the functionality is limited to measuring pressure and heart rate. It is used for measurements on schedule or in case of deterioration..

The GSMIN WR11 fitness bracelet is designed for people who want to track basic health indicators without needing medical accuracy. The measurements that the bracelet takes are not as accurate as those of medical devices, but in this case the error does not have such a critical value. It can be worn constantly and some measurements can be taken while moving, which the tonometer cannot do. And the functionality itself is much wider – it contains many useful features that help you monitor your health.

What is a fitness bracelet for?

Smart Bracelet GSMIN WR11

The GSMIN WR11 gadget is useful primarily in the ability to monitor the body’s reactions to a particular load. Even simple walking makes the heart work harder. In addition, such technological things are good motivators to start walking more often and more. They push some people to more intense and serious sports. So what GSMIN WR11 can do:

  1. Count steps. Using the bracelet, you can find out how much you went in a day. It is very useful to wear before leaving the house – it can increase your motivation to walk more instead of traveling in stuffy vehicles.
  2. Measure pulse and blood pressure. You will have the opportunity to determine how the body responds to physical activity. The heart rate monitor can take measurements directly while moving: walking, running, squats. Whatever you do, the smart device will notice a change in readings and report it. But the pressure measurement should be carried out at rest, preferably sitting and relaxing as much as possible. The process is not as fast as the tonometer – you need to wait about two minutes.
  3. Count calories. With this function, you will always know how much energy is spent during walks or active activities. If you want to lose weight or monitor your health more carefully, this is a great thing for you.!
  4. Monitor the quality and phases of sleep. The gadget can track the phases of sleep by heart rate and wake you up at the right time. For those who can hardly get up in the morning, this is a great help in finding vigor..
  5. Notify that you are a little spilled. In case of insufficient activity or forgetfulness, the bracelet will remind of itself.
  6. Report Calls and Messages. While you are busy with yourself, the bracelet will receive a signal that someone wants your attention. He will definitely notify you about it, and you will not miss an important call or SMS.

To get the full functionality and monitor yourself most effectively, the bracelet must be synchronized with a smartphone. The recommended WearHeart app allows you to analyze your health and track any changes. Fill out the questionnaire, entering data on the gender, age, weight and hand on which you carry the device. The user-friendly interface is intuitive and does not confuse even a person far from technology.

What is the highlight of the model

Smart bracelets GSMIN WR11

One of the main advantages is a stylish design that fits any look, and a large screen with a coating that repels grease. You can easily remove the stain from touching with your fingers, and also – the device is not afraid of water. Diving with it is not worth it, but heavy rain or accidentally spilled liquid are fearless.

The device is attached to the wrist with a silicone strap. It is soft and durable, with it the bracelet reliably and comfortably “sits” on both a fragile female hand and a powerful male wrist. The bracelet will not fly off, even if you strongly wave your hands – the gadget will remain on your hand, no matter what you do. Pleasant material does not irritate the skin and almost does not feel.

The accessory weighs only 25 g. And in these 25 grams, such a wide functionality has fit that it will help you improve your health, motivating you to move and have a more active lifestyle..

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