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The word hostess is translated into Russian as the “mistress” of a home or other establishment. Hostess is a female profession, which is mastered by girls with an attractive appearance; their main task is to be courteous, polite, tactful, friendly. Otherwise, you can’t work in the service sector. Girls should be beautiful, well-groomed, intellectually developed, as they accompany guests, clients, guests, participants in events, creating a comfortable and friendly atmosphere for them.

Who is the hostess and what does he do

This occupation, profession, job is to well meet the guest, client, visitor. Actually, hostesses are called the hallmark of the institution. The main task is to provide a person with a good mood, form a good impression of this place, and not let them get bored. The scope of the hostesses forces and abilities is the airport, restaurant, hotel, beauty salon or car dealership, exhibition or other cultural event. The list of duties of representatives of this profession is compiled on the basis of the charter of the institution.

Hostess admin

Often the work of hostesses is combined with administration. It is necessary not only to meet the guest, but to communicate with him, escorted to the reception or restaurant of the hotel, to offer an entertainment program – this is the task of the hostess of the administrator. Solve problems, adjust staff work, prevent conflict, smooth out awkwardness can only be a real housewife, sweet, polite, sociable, such should be all who received this position. The reputation of the institution depends on their behavior and professionalism..

Administrator girl in a restaurant

Lobby Hostesses

Hostesses can become a lobby bar in the hotel. A manager, a friendly hostess should be a girl who meets visitors at the entrance, escorts them to a place of pleasant relaxation at a table, helps to navigate the menu, make orders and not be bored. To maintain a conversation, if the guest so desires, is also included in the duties. The employees who have, besides having a good looks, competent speech, a beautiful smile, and goodwill do an excellent job of this.

Hostess consumation

Attractive girls are in demand in the field of hostess consumation (night clubs, bars). It is necessary to meet the guest, to help deal with the wine list, to carry away the conversation, to make the pastime pleasant. The hostess girl in the restaurant must be beautiful, with good makeup and manicure; the clothes are elegant, the heels are high. Do not do without knowledge of a foreign language. If the customer orders food and drinks for hostesses, this is a plus. The salary and the “fee” depend on how much the hostess is interested in the guest, how long he has been holding him at the table..

Hostess responsibilities

At first glance, it is very simple to meet visitors or participants of the event, create a comfortable atmosphere, and help organize a pleasant pastime. Reality shows: to take place in the profession, you need to be a good organizer, have the necessary skills and serious training. What does a hostess do? His responsibilities include:

Hostess welcomes guests

  1. Look perfect, be in a good mood, smile.
  2. Meet guests, accompany them.
  3. In a cafe, restaurant, help to settle down at a convenient table, decide on the menu, and if necessary, adjust the work of waiters.
  4. Avoid discomfort for the guests of the event, clearly know the program of the event, be a friendly host.
  5. At the end of the meeting, find out the opinion of the guests about the meeting or the celebration, bring to the management of the institution all suggestions and comments.

In the restaurant

The responsibilities of the hostesses in a restaurant or cafe include the following: you need to cordially meet guests, take them to an ordered or free table, help deal with snacks and order delicious dishes, choose drinks – alcoholic and non-alcoholic, entertain visitors with pleasant communication, and if necessary – help the waiter. Everything must be done so that the guests are satisfied and will come here with pleasure more than once. It is clear that a hostess smile, her hospitality, communicativeness play an important role.

In hotel

Hospitable hostesses have many responsibilities at the hotel, because they accompany visitors from the moment they appear at the hotel until their departure. Girls meet guests, show rooms, make sure that everything is convenient and trouble-free, monitor maintenance and cleaning, if necessary, contact the management of the institution. If necessary, staff will conduct a tour to familiarize themselves with the hotel infrastructure. An important point is the catering in the hotel restaurant, the assignment of waiters to tables pre-paid.

At official events

Serious exhibitions, banquets, celebrations are not held without hostesses now. Beautiful girls and young men who have experience in such matters will decorate the event, increase its status, and, very importantly, they will assist in resolving organizational issues, advise visitors, paying attention to each guest. It is clear that not every pretty girl can become a hostess at important meetings, the management approaches staff selection very carefully. Candidates must have:

  • attractive appearance;
  • knowledge of etiquette;
  • competent speech;
  • sociability;
  • tact;
  • organizational skills.

Event manager

Profession Hostesses

Working as a hostess, you can study in detail the features of a particular service sector and then become a great specialist (not just a waiter or seller), take up the hotel or restaurant business, prove yourself in trade, social and cultural services, tourism, even art. The first steps to this can be taken as a hostess. This work develops business skills, fosters a sense of responsibility. Plus, it provides useful contacts, good earnings even without higher education, and career opportunities..

Requirements and Personal Qualities

The main requirements for applicants for a hostess position are:

  • attractive appearance, nice voice
  • personal charm, smile;
  • knowledge of a foreign language (English);
  • knowledge of competent speech and good diction;
  • sociability, resourcefulness, the ability to “resolve” force majeure cases, to find the right solution in a problem situation;
  • basic knowledge in psychology, stress tolerance.

Where to get

Sometimes the profession of hostesses is called “student” and female, because girls come to it, sometimes combining work with study. Still, you can’t do without special training, even having an attractive appearance. Training is carried out “in the workplace”, takes a couple of weeks. During this time, you can understand the features of the chosen institution, its pros and cons, but the courteous manners, sociability, knowledge of the native and foreign languages, language proficiency, good manners, resistance to stress – this is what a candidate must master before coming to work.

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