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Modern people practically do not let gadgets out of their hands. Phones have taken on many functions, because in addition to standard calls and messages, you can use them to create photos, communicate on social networks, and plan events. What can we say about the standard functions of a calendar, calculator, alarm clock, etc.? Losing a gadget can turn into a real tragedy for a person. Fortunately, each smartphone has its own unique code, and in case of loss or theft, you can track its location even online, since you can find the phone by IMEI?

What is IMEI

This is an abbreviation that stands for International Mobile Equipment Identifier, which in translation into Russian means “international identifier of mobile equipment.” It is a unique number for each mobile in GSM format. When connected, the code is automatically transferred to your mobile operator. If they insert another SIM-card into the stolen smartphone and make at least one call, law enforcement agencies will be able to punch the phone via IMEI, find out who the card is issued for and remove the device.

Code assignment algorithms are constantly changing. The structure itself in 2004 underwent changes. Initially, the code consisted of 14 digits, now – from 15. Today it has the following structure: “AA-BBBBBBB-CC-D”, where:

  • “AA” and “BBBBBB” are location type codes (TAC), they are associated with the manufacturer and the specific device model. For example, the owners of the iPhone 5 TAC code is as follows 01-332700, and the Samsung Galaxy S2 – 35-853704.
  • “SS” – a unique serial number, supplied exclusively by the manufacturer.
  • “D” is a check digit for checking the entire line.

How to find out IMEI phone

The code data is traditionally stored in four places: on the packaging, under the device’s battery, in the warranty card and gadget firmware. On most devices, to remove it, you need to enter the code combination * # 06 # on the dialing screen and press the call. You can use the usual surfing on the device settings. Below are a few options for popular manufacturers and operating systems:

  • iOS (iPhone, iPad): Settings> General> About phone.
  • Android: Settings> About phone.
  • Older Sony and Sony Ericsson models: * right * left left * left *.
  • Blackberry, new Sony Ericsson models: Options> Status.

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Can I find a phone by IMEI

By code, you can find the gadget in several ways. It’s hard to change IMEI without outside interference. In some regions this is illegal, so you can be sure that with the help of the code you can accurately determine the location of the gadget. If you are not interested in returning the gadget, but do not want outsiders to have access to data, then contact your cellular network company to block your smartphone and expand the lock to other mobile operators.

Phone search by IMEI

You can find out the coordinates of a lost smartphone yourself using special services on the Internet, through various applications and programs for Android operating systems and Apple iOS devices. In case of mobile theft, it is better to contact the law enforcement authorities, write a statement and indicate a unique IMEI.


People often wonder how to find a phone via IMEI via satellite for free. Searching for a smartphone via a GPS satellite is a cinematic invention, in real life this is not feasible. You can track your phone via IMEI over the Internet, if the mobile is linked to a Google account:

  1. Log in to your Google Account.
  2. On the main page, find the option “Search phone”, click “Proceed”.
  3. Select the device, after which the approximate location of the smartphone will be displayed on the map.

To find iPhone by IMEI, you need to activate the iCloud service and activate the “Find iPhone” option. If the smartphone is lost, to determine its location, you need to go to, enter the access data: password and Apple ID. Using the service, you can see not only where the smartphone is, but also how it moves. You can also lock your iPhone on the site..

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Airdroid app

If the question of how to find the phone by IMEI yourself is still relevant, then use the analogue of your Google account – the Airdroid application, it can be installed from the Google Play gallery. The program implements remote control of the device, the ability to completely clear and lock the data. In case of theft, an attacker can take control of the application.

Android Lost Program

Another program for finding a phone by IMEI is called “Lost Android”. The application is more powerful. You can install from Google Play. List of several remote features implemented in Lost Android:

  • search for a device on a map;
  • lock / unlock;
  • viewing and copying data (contacts, messages, photos);
  • turn on / off the sound signal, vibration, screen;
  • SIM change notifications.

Police statement

Law enforcement agencies are involved in tracking lost gadgets. If the smartphone has been stolen, you must contact the police and write a statement. You need to specify the IMEI code in it. After contacting, employees will send a request to your mobile network operator. Unfortunately, the police react to this kind of treatment very slowly. In addition, mobile operators often refuse to block the phone until the theft is officially confirmed.

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