How to find out who has unsubscribed on Instagram: online services and applications

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On Instagram, one of the most popular social networks, users can subscribe to the pages of other participants. This makes it easier to get information published on their accounts. If you notice a negative trend on the counter of subscribers, then there are ways to help you know the unsubscribed.

See who has unsubscribed on Instagram online

It will not be possible to get data about who specifically unsubscribed from your account on Instagram using their own social network functionality. Information is especially important for commercial accounts and those with few subscribers (up to several hundred or thousands). A very simple and convenient way to help you find out unsubscribes on Instagram is online services. Tracking subscribers is possible using free resources:

  • Unfollowgram;
  • Justunfollow;
  • Insta.friendorfollow;
  • Statusbrew.

Using auxiliary Internet resources is very convenient from a computer, but as an alternative, you can use a smartphone or tablet. Unfollowgram was very popular, but recently you can’t get analytics from Instagram on it. Alternatively, use Statusbrew:

  • Open the web service in a browser on your PC or mobile device. Please note that the resource has an English language interface – the Russian version is not fully translated. (fig. 1)

Interface Statusbrew

  • Next, click “Login” and select “Login with Instagram”. (fig. 2)

Login login

  • Enter the necessary data from your account on Instagram. (fig. 3)

Instagram Login

  • Go to the section with analytics (Audience), where you can see the latest data about your account, including the number of unsubscribed users. Please note that you can find out their number after registering on the site, until this date it is impossible to do this. Only from the moment of registration, the service itself collects information on a specific profile and tracks all changes. (fig. 4)

Analytics Section

How to find out who unsubscribed on Instagram via phone

If your main tool for working on Instagram is a smartphone, then you can see unsubscribed subscribers using the services described above. The main thing is to have a convenient browser and stable Internet. Alternative – use of special software applications.

For devices running Android and iOS, developers have created dozens of useful utilities. You can download and install any of them for free in the Play Market (for Android) or the App Store (for iPhone). Brief Instruction:

  • Open the Play Market and enter in the search bar something like this: “who has unsubscribed on Instagram.” (fig. 5)

Writing a request

  • Select the appropriate application from the list and install. Insta Follow for Instagram, TrackGram, Unfollowers for Instagram, Follow Cop, who unfollowed Instagram are very popular. (fig. 6)

Instagram apps

  • After installing the program, you will need to register, select a profile. Next, you will learn about Instagram users who choose to use ensemble, i.e. unsubscribing from your tape.

Unsubscribe apps

If you have not decided on a suitable application for your mobile device, then read the reviews of some of them. Popular programs that will help you learn unfollowers (unfollowers Instagram):

  • Insta Follow for Instagram. A popular application for devices with Android OS, which after installation monitors the complete statistics of subscribers, including those who have unsubscribed from your profile. The application has several interesting options, for example, identifying a list of users who have blocked you. (fig. 7)

Insta Follow for Instagram

  • TrackGram: Instagram Followers. An application for the iPhone that helps you find out who has added to you as followers on Instagram and who has left. In addition, through it you can subscribe and unsubscribe from participants, look for new people, receive summary data. (fig. 8)

TrackGram: Instagram Followers

  • Unfollowers for Instagram, Follow Cop. An app for Android devices that takes notes when someone unsubscribes from your account. Please note that the application (like others) does not define unsubscribers until the application is installed. (fig. 9)

Unfollowers for Instagram, Follow Cop

  • Who unsubscribed from Instagram. The program displays all recently lost subscribers. Additionally, in it you can find out who is mutually subscribed, fans (who is subscribed to you, but you are not subscribed to them), ghost subscribers who did not leave you likes and comments. (fig. 10)

Program Unsubscribed from Instagram

Among the most convenient mobile applications with which you can find out about unsubscribed on Instagram, “Who Unsubscribed from Instagram” is highlighted. The principle of the application is similar:

  • Download the program from Play Market and install. Log in by entering your Instagram account information. (fig. 11)

Program download

  • After logging into your account you will see several lists: fans who are not mutually signed, mutual subscribers, who recently unsubscribed. (fig. 12)

Instagram Followers Lists

  • The application operates on the principle of an online service. It saves lists and compares them with new ones each time the program is opened. So all unsubscribed followers on Instagram in recent years will be revealed.
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