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With the development of Internet commerce and digital technology, they are trying to translate the entire document flow into a computer format. To avoid fraud, each document must have an electronic signature certificate, which confirms its legal force. Everyone can get an EDS, it’s not difficult to fill out an application, but this service is not free.

What is an electronic signature

It is an electronic signature encrypted information that helps to identify a legal entity. It also provides the ability to verify the integrity of the document, confidentiality. It is impossible to fake or copy the key, because outwardly it looks like a random sequence of characters that was formed under the influence of encryption using a cryptographic provider (a special encryption program).

Federal Law 63 describes 3 types of EDS. Each of them has its own distinctive properties, characteristic features. You can get one of the signatures:

  1. Reinforced unskilled.
  2. Simple.
  3. Enhanced Qualified Electronic Signature.


For individuals

Each individual has the right to receive his electronic signature key. To do this, you need to draw up and submit an application with a specific set of documents, which will be described below. EDS can be used in such cases:

  1. When receiving services via the Internet from the state. EDS will open full access to all services of the state portal. of services.
  2. It is possible to apply for admission to the university. You do not have to stand in line, go somewhere, because documents certified by EP are accepted by educational institutions.
  3. When applying for registration of IP, legal persons applying to the tax authority.
  4. If you work through a network, get work from home on the Internet, then ES allows you to officially draw up documents in this case.
  5. You will need an electronic signature for bidding if you want to participate in them.

For legal entities

Ample opportunities for workflow opens up an electronic signature for legal entities. At the moment, you can make such legal relations with its use:

  1. Internet trade in services, goods.
  2. Internal and external workflow.
  3. Disposal of funds, payment of bills, execution of deposit agreements, obtaining loans.
  4. Registration of real estate transactions.
  5. You can participate in electronic bidding for corporate, government procurement.
  6. Execute customs declaration of imported goods.
  7. Reporting is allowed to Rosstat, territorial bodies of the Federal Tax Service, and other controlling structures..
  8. Get access to departmental systems.


An electronic digital signature and its application is regulated on the basis of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, Federal Law of January 10, 2002. No. 1-ФЗ “On electronic digital signature”. EDS was used long before the publication of this act, but a comprehensive legal framework was laid for the use of electronic signatures only in it. The task of the law is to facilitate the conduct of commercial activities, create conditions for the development of information technologies, improve the interaction of citizens with municipal authorities.

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Based on the basic principle of the EDS (signing documents), there are two types of keys: public (public) and private (private). Here are the main differences between them:

Private key

Issued to the signatory for application on documents, letters, etc. It must be recorded on removable media and is confidential, it should be available only to the owner. If the file falls into the hands of an unauthorized person, the attacker will be able to put a signature on any document and conduct a graphological examination in this case, it is not possible. The owner is solely responsible for how he uses the key. If the EDS was lost, then you must immediately contact the ACSC with a request to block.

Public key

Used to decrypt the private key, available to anyone who wants to verify the authenticity of the sent document. In fact, it is a 1024-bit file that must be transmitted along with a letter with a closed digital signature. A sample (duplicate) of such a key must be submitted to the Certification Authority in order to enter it in the appropriate database. The latter provide reliable storage, registration and protection of open digital signatures from distortion.

How to use

Before you make an electronic signature, you should understand how it can be used. For this, it is not necessary to have specific skills, but you need to have a private and public key. If there are none, then the use of EDS will be not only a lengthy process, but also illegal. To make an electronic signature on a document, you need:

  1. Download and install on your PC the programs that will be issued at the Certification Authority. Be sure to install the entire kit, certificate of ownership and center.
  2. Install Capicom and Cadescom Libraries.
  3. To attach the key in Word 2007, click on the office button, then go to the “Prepare” item, then click on “Add CPU”, click on “Register the purpose of signing the document”. Next, click on “Select Signature” and click on “Sign”..
  4. When using PDF format, you need to have special software modules. If you do not, then install Adobe Acrobat or Reader latest version. To sign a PDF file, the “CryptoPro PDF” module is suitable.
  5. For an HTML form, attaching a key is easiest. A special “Sign and send” button immediately appears..

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Where to do

For those who are looking for how to issue an electronic signature, you should know which authorities are competent to provide such services. Regular EDS is provided by government agencies. Production by private entities is not carried out, but is not prohibited by law. To obtain an electronic signature, you must first contact ESIA online or in person. EDS production is performed by:

  1. ESIA customer service centers, if you need a conventional digital signature.
  2. Certification Authorities (non-accredited are allowed) can make an unskilled key type.
  3. Only a accredited CA can make a qualified option.

How to get a digital signature

The cost of providing a key depends on the scope of further use. For example, for bidding, the price starts at 6400 p. To order keys for an interdepartmental interaction system will cost from 3650 p. To receive, you should contact the certification center, you need to do the following:

  1. Find a certification authority in your area. This institution has the appropriate license to issue electronic keys..
  2. Submit the appropriate application correctly. It will be processed within 1-5 days, after which an employee will contact you to tell you what needs to be done next to verify the authenticity of the data. A list of required documents will be given below..
  3. Next, you need to get the private and public key. In the CA you will be given an electronic and paper certificate.
  4. To start using, you must install all the software that will be issued to the CA.


Documents to receive

For those who are looking for how to make an electronic signature, it should be borne in mind that the data package for legal entities and individuals is different. The speed of consideration of the application, the procedure for checking the submitted data, depends on how correctly you prepare everything. If there is a lack of any information, then the consideration may be dragged out.

How to make an electronic signature for legal entities:

  1. Signed, completed registration card. Two copies of the annex to the second section may be needed..
  2. Charter of a legal entity (original), notarization (copy).
  3. It is necessary to take documents that confirm the authority of the applicant as a leader.
  4. Copies of the passport of the signatory, applicant (1-4 pages), which are certified by hand-painted, identification number.
  5. Taxpayer Registration Card (copy).

How to make an electronic signature for individuals

  1. Signed, completed registration card in duplicate.
  2. You need to make a copy of 1-4 pages of the passport with hand-painted painting, TIN.
  3. It is necessary to make a copy of the taxpayer card.

The procedure for making an electronic signature is relatively simple, although it requires a lot of time to be spent on it. In the future, it can be used to sign personal mail between managers, to use public services, electronic bidding. Below are videos that will help you understand how the keys work, the process of installing a certificate on a PC.

For public services

How EDS works

Enhanced Electronic Signature

How to install a certificate on a computer

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