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Imagine your life without a computer is already impossible. At home, people prefer the Internet instead of real communication, and at work all documents must be printed. The ability to do this quickly to save your precious time is priceless. Understand how to learn how to type on a computer.

Rules for fast typing on the keyboard

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The most popular method of fast printing is blindly, that is, a person does not look at the keys, but only at the monitor. This method of printing has long been used by secretaries and typists, who had to type large and small texts for their superiors and not only. Given that touch typing is more than 100 years old, there are some basic rules for how to quickly learn how to type on your keyboard:

  • only direct posture, while the back should be relaxed;
  • it is forbidden to even glance at the keyboard;
  • all fingers must be used during printing;
  • the last phalanges of the thumbs of both hands should lie exclusively on the gap.

Keyboard Typing Learning Methods

There are several different ways to learn how to quickly type on your keyboard. The surest option is to enroll in courses at an educational institution, where an experienced teacher will observe you and give useful advice. If you do not want to attend classes, then you will have to be patient and assiduous for home schooling. You will have to correct your mistakes only. For studying at home, there are many programs and online services that make it possible to master the skill of printing blindly from anywhere in the world.

Blind Printing Method – Ten-Finger Set

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It is easy to guess by the name of the printing method that all the fingers of both hands are involved in the process. In addition, it is forbidden to look at the keyboard during training, and then there is simply no need. The brain is able to remember where which finger is located and for which key it is responsible. It is most convenient to develop such a memory using a special ergonomic keyboard, which has a special wrist rest, and the keys are separated by an empty space, the boundaries of the right and left hands are indicated. Important points:

Finger arrangement

The most important thing to remember when learning how to type quickly on the keyboard is the right position. For each finger there is a specific set of keys. Not just that, the arrangement of letters does not change over the years. That’s because it is designed specifically for the daily work of the driver using a blind printing method. So, how do you need to correctly position your fingers on the keys:

  • the right hand – the little finger – lies on the key “f”, the nameless – “d”, the middle – “l”, the index – “o”;
  • the left hand – the little finger is located at the key “f”, the nameless – “s”, the middle – “in”, the index – “a”;
  • thumbs are responsible for the space.

Each hand needs to be trained individually. The main thing is not to rush, because in this matter it is very important to bring the result to perfect. Otherwise, later you will have to check your texts and spend a lot of time to correct typos. You can train with the help of special dictionaries that offer texts for typing blindly – from the simplest to the most complicated.

Strike technique

When you press a key, it happens on the machine. No one thinks how to hit them properly. However, according to the rules, it is necessary to do this as follows: firstly, not only the fingers are activated, but the entire brush, secondly, the pressure is applied with a sharp blow, and then the finger returns to its original position. Spacebar should be pressed with the edge of the thumb, not a small pad.

Print rhythm

The better during training you will observe the same rhythm of finger strokes, the sooner this process will become more automated. In some cases, it may seem that you can type some key combinations much faster than others, but you should not do this. Blind typing should remain the same throughout the process..

Keyboard typing tutorials

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To the question of how to quickly learn to type on the keyboard, many answers have already been invented. Some are recognized as really effective in teaching fast printing. These tutorials will help you learn everything from scratch. A typical software product is designed for the average student and consists of separate blocks of classes with intermediate control of results. In addition, you do not have to attend courses outside the home, because such training is designed for independent and regular:

  • Stamina. A great program that quickly teaches you to type without looking at the keyboard. It was developed back in 2000, then it was finalized several times, brought almost to perfection. All lessons are structured so that they need to be completed only in the sequence in which they are offered. If you try to learn touch typing using this program, then you will certainly achieve the result. The main plus – the program is absolutely free.
  • SOLO. The program for teaching fast printing “Solo” was written by a teacher of the Faculty of Journalism at Moscow State University Shahidjanian V.V. According to him, this method is the simplest and most correct for grasping the basic skills of a difficult process. You can find and download it on the Internet or buy on the official website and start training at any time..
  • VerseQ. The creators of the program VerseQ argue that this is one of the best options for how you can quickly learn to type on the keyboard. According to their calculations, the average person who wants to master the method of touch typing will be able to do this after an hour of classes. After 8-15 hours of training, the speed and quality of printing can be compared with a graduate of the typewriter school.

Online services

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In addition to training programs, you can also find online services. They playfully suggest ways to learn how to type blindly. The advantages of these services is that you can do it on any device that has a keyboard without installing a program. Today, several online learning options are popular:

  1. Keyboards So far, the most popular game for learning the method of touch typing. Go online at any time and start training. The game is held as a competition among users, so that you will always have the motivation to go ahead to overtake rivals. You will see the results of your and other people’s victories in a special list.
  2. All 10. A convenient online simulator for self-study of the method of touch typing. The program’s website details all the tips, not only on the layout of the fingers, but also on posture, rhythm of strokes, and so on. Just by going to the site, you will get a lot of useful information, and then you can immediately use it for training.
  3. Time speed. Another online way to learn how to type without looking at the tips. The creators claim that literally in the first lesson the learner has the first results. With each new workout, print speed increases, and as a result, any articles, letters, etc. printed in minutes. If only there was enough inspiration!
  4. VerseQ online. Online version of the above program. Allows you to learn typing from anywhere in the world at any time, and besides that, compete with other students and show their skills. Will surely appeal to those in whom the competitive spirit lives, and studying in this way will be much more interesting.

Video lesson: how to print text on a computer

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