How to return part of the money for insurance in case of early repayment of a loan

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When applying for a loan, the bank often offers the client to sign a voluntary insurance contract. In the case of mortgage loans or collateral lending, this looks logical – the bank, with compulsory insurance, receives certain guarantees when force majeure situations arise. If the loan debt is repaid in advance, the insurance continues to operate. Refund of insurance upon early repayment of the loan is possible, it is necessary to send an application to the bank (company-insurer) with a request for the return of money paid under the insurance contract.

Is it possible to return a loan insurance premium

When money is returned ahead of schedule, the insurance contract concluded at the same time as the loan is still in effect. To terminate it, you must declare to the organization where the contract was concluded. There is the possibility of a refund procedure for a portion of the paid insurance premium. All conditions for refunds must be entered in a specific paragraph of the contract.

Insurance policy and money in the hands

Early repayment loan insurance repayment

It should be understood that in case of early termination of the loan agreement, only part of the insurance is refunded (those who returned the money to the bank before the expiration of the first month from the date of signing the loan agreement fully apply for the return of insurance upon early repayment of the loan). A refund request is sent to the bank if the insurance premium was included in the package of offers for banking services, or directly to the insurance company.

Through an insurance company

The borrower has the right to contact the insurer with a written statement (in 2 copies) to return the unused part of the policy. It is necessary to scrupulously study the contract, which details the conditions for returning or not returning money if you pay off the debt ahead of schedule. The process of early termination of the contract is prescribed in article 958 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

Through the bank

A common situation is when insurance is included in the standard package of banking services. Then there is no direct agreement, and the amount that was transferred to the bank from the borrower is the commission income of the financial institution and is not subject to return. Some banks meet the needs of customers: Sberbank of the Russian Federation, VTB Moscow, Alfa Bank returns money if you are connected to your own insurance program, when a month has not passed from the date of signing, the full amount is returned.

Grounds for early repayment of the contract

The conditions for termination of the contract and the probable return of part of the insurance upon early repayment of the loan are specified in the document itself, which is regulated by the Civil Code. The insurer may include the clause that when closing a loan, he should not return part of the payments. When making insurance directly with the bank, the chances of returning unused insurance money are reduced, except if the bank does not voluntarily contribute the item “Refund of the insurance amount upon early repayment of the loan”.

A man is studying a contract

Conditions for returning part of the insurance

Important and mandatory requirements for the payment of the insurance premium for the return of insurance for early repayment of a loan may be:

  • confirmed 100% repayment of debt to the bank;
  • the presence of a clause on the possibility of issuing an insurance return subject to repaying a loan ahead of schedule;
  • providing the required package of documents to the insurer.

Legal regulation

Relations between the insurer and the client are regulated by article 958 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. It spells out the conditions for terminating the contract ahead of schedule and the format of relations between the parties:

  • termination of the contract before the due date occurs if the risks of the insured event disappeared due to loss of property or termination of the insurer;
  • the policyholder may terminate cooperation when the possibility of an insured event has not disappeared due to the circumstances shown in paragraph number one;
  • insurer is entitled to a partial insurance premium.

Very often, the insurer may refuse to partially refund the insurance premium in case of early refusal of insurance, referring to paragraph 2 of Article 958 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. A competent lawyer can circumvent this point by referring to the wording of insurance risk itself – when a loan is terminated, the probability of an insured event disappears, which obliges the organization to pay part of the premium.

Insurance Return Application

To return the paid insurance premium, the claimant is sent a statement of claim in the standard form to the name of the head of the organization, indicating the name and address of the applicant, number and duration of the contract. It sets out the reason for the return or recalculation of insurance (premature repayment of the loan), the claimant.

Policyholder actions

According to the law, a bank should not insist on the obligatory conclusion of an insurance contract when issuing a loan, but a financial institution rarely lends money without insurance. To recover part of the payments you must:

  • study the contract for the return of the insurance premium upon early repayment of the loan;
  • if there is a return clause, contact the bank to get the details of the account, write an application for payment of the loan earlier than the deadline;
  • send a statement (written) to return insurance in case of early repayment of the loan with the required documents.

Woman considers documents through a magnifier

Where to go to repay early loan insurance

To terminate the contract of insurance ahead of schedule, concluded upon receipt of credit obligations, it is necessary to declare it to the bank or company-insurer. All calls must be assigned incoming numbers, so that if you refuse to recalculate insurance premiums, you can refer to statements in court. When it is impossible to contact the insurer in person, this can be done in writing by sending an application by registered mail.

When the loan insurance can be paid in the contract upon early repayment of a mortgage, car loan or consumer loan, and the insurance or bank refuses to pay, you must write a statement first to Rospotrebnadzor, then to the court. It should be borne in mind that legal costs will be borne by the insurer, and judicial practice is not encouraging.

What documents are needed

When contacting the insured to pay insurance, which is repayable upon early repayment of the loan, you should have:

  • passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • loan agreement;
  • valid insurance policy form;
  • documents confirming the fact of payment of the debt (payment orders, bank statements), which must be taken from the credit institution;
  • confirmation of payment of the entire insurance premium.

Reasons for the failure of the insurer

If the contract does not contain a provision on the impossibility of repaying the balance of insurance in case of full or partial early repayment of the loan, objective reasons for refusing to pay the insurance policy may be:

  • insurance indebtedness;
  • lack of extract on early repayment of a loan;
  • incorrectly prepared application to the bank or insurance company.

What to do if insurance is included in the additional list of banking services

Very often, a bank offers insurance as part of a package of banking services when issuing a consumer loan, along with SMS informing and issuing plastic cards. A loan is issued only on the acquisition of a full package, the refusal will entail the non-issuance of a loan. When the loan is repaid ahead of schedule, the insurance premium is paid, since the actions of the parties do not fall under the jurisdiction of Article 958 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

There is a way out of the situation: when applying for a policy, designate yourself as a beneficiary, in accordance with paragraph 2, Article 934 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. This should be done before entering into a loan agreement. Unlike package insurance, the premium will be paid to the borrower. If the bank refuses to pay part of the insurance upon early repayment, it is better to contact the supervisory authority (Rospotrebnadzor) and continue to sue.


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