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In recent years, new devices with a good camera have appeared on the market, among which there are simple inexpensive models and premium-class mobile devices. The former are more interesting, because the combination of low cost and high-quality shooting gives the devices an advantage over competitors. It is clear that other characteristics are important in the phone, but when you want to buy a budget camera phone, they fade into the background.

The best low-cost smartphones with a good camera

By the name of the processor they judge the speed of the communicator, about autonomy – by the battery capacity. If you need an inexpensive phone with a good camera, then you need to look not at megapixels, but at the quality of the pictures. Everyone knows the feeling when an expensive advertised communicator distorts colors, makes blurry photos, does not have time to focus. The flagship devices use many innovations, but the efforts of manufacturers do not always lead to excellent results..

Today, you can buy an inexpensive smartphone with a good camera effortlessly. Although telephones have not yet been replaced by professional cameras, they have already learned how to take pictures in such a way that ordinary “soap dishes” have almost replaced the market. Over the past couple of years, a lot of people have appeared who buy mobile phones exclusively for photographing selfies and putting self-portraits on social networks..


These models are a happy exception to the rule that cheap goods will not be of high quality. Every year, Xiaomi produces different phones, expanding the lineup, making it attractive to consumers with any purchasing power. The combination of modern design, attractive price and amazing features, has provided the gadget with popularity:

  • model name: Xiaomi Mi 5;
  • price: 15580 rubles;
  • specifications: IMX298 sensor from the famous Sony brand, 15 megapixel camera, sapphire crystal;
  • pluses: a large screen of 5.15 inches, two slots for SIM cards, the presence of a fingerprint scanner;
  • Cons: slippery case, firmware is not fully Russified, charging is via USB Type-C.

Xiaomi Mi 5

Another version from Xiaomi, which risks becoming the benchmark for middle-class devices. This is a cheap phone released in three colors: gray, silver, golden:

  • name: Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro;
  • price: 15500 r.;
  • Features: monoblock communicator with a screen diagonal of 5.5 “, a module from Samsung;
  • pluses: display resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels, metal body, 16-megapixel camera with autofocus and panoramic shooting;
  • Cons: in low light, the pictures have a lot of noise.

Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro


Although Lenovo is far from DSLRs, the pictures taken by the camera phones of this brand are not inferior in quality to professional photographs. Mobile devices are constantly being improved, so the company offers consumers low-cost phones with a good front camera and a budget line of communicators with high-quality rear cameras:

  • name: Lenovo VIBE Z2 Pro;
  • price: about 400 dollars;
  • Features: QuadHD display with a resolution of 2560×1440, 3 gigabytes of internal memory and 32 GB of storage;
  • pluses: 16 megapixel camera with image stabilizer, an abundance of manual settings, a diode dual flash;
  • cons: no flash drive slot.

Lenovo VIBE Z2 Pro

Another gadget from Lenovo, amazing quality photos. Available in a white plastic case. The front of the device is equipped with a thin frame, on the side – aluminum inserts. The back cover is matte with a light soft-touch coating that prevents the communicator from slipping out of your hand.

  • name: Vibe X3;
  • price: 22990 r.;
  • Features: 6 core processor with a clock frequency of 2 GHz, a 21 MP camera, front stereo speakers of 1.5 W each;
  • pluses: 5.5 “IPS screen, color balance with increased brightness;
  • cons: unstable wifi.

Vibe x3

Acer liquid

Pay attention to the Acer Liquid Z520 model. At first glance, this is another ordinary budget employee, but the communicator presented some surprises to fans of photography:

  • name: Acer Liquid Z520;
  • price: 6490 r.;
  • Features: TFT capacitive multitouch screen, 5 “, 480×854, 4-core processor, 1 GB memory, 8 megapixel rear camera with flash and autofocus;
  • pluses: organic design, Bluetooth 4.1, fast GPS;
  • Cons: display on TFT TN-matrix, poor viewing angle.

Acer Liquid Z520

Another inexpensive communicator from Acer requires attention. For whom the main selection criterion is the availability of a good camera, this model will be ideal:

  • name: Acer Liquid E3;
  • price: 5200 r.;
  • Features: IPS color touchscreen, 16.78 million colors, 4.7 “screen, 13.4 megapixel camera with LED flash;
  • pluses: good color rendering, 4 cores, support for quick touches;
  • cons: non-capacitive battery, slow auto focus.

Acer Liquid E3


The Chinese company ThL is considered one of the best manufacturers of low-cost smartphones. The created models easily passed international certification, because they differ in build quality and excellent characteristics. ThL devices are now powered by the latest MediaTek chip designs, which feature low power consumption. Successful camera phone models:

  • name: ThL T6c;
  • price: 5990 r.;
  • Features: support for 2 sim cards, 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, 8 GB memory;
  • pluses: excellent processor for a budget smartphone, stylish design;
  • Cons: weak battery and movie shooting.

Thl t6c

Another Android from ThL with high performance and a good camera. In addition, manufacturers equipped it with a fingerprint scanner:

  • name: ThL 2015;
  • price: 14300 r.;
  • Features: 5 “screen, resolution 1920×1080, 13 megapixel camera with autofocus;
  • pluses: support for 2 sim cards, quality assembly;
  • Cons: little own memory (2 GB).

ThL 2015


Inexpensive smartphones are offered by another Chinese company Meizu. On the shelves of stores you can rarely see the gadgets of the company, they are mainly sold by online stores. The brand is still not very well known in Russia, but Meizu products are in demand in the USA, Japan, Korea, which gives the right to assume the reliability and quality of communicators.

Each season, the company offers new phone models that are not similar to similar devices of other brands. The advantage of the products is the steel case, which increases the strength of the gadget. In 2019, the company introduced budget smartphones:

  • name: Meizu M5C;
  • price: 7900 r.;
  • Features: 5 “screen, Android OS 6.0 and 16 GB of read-only memory;
  • pluses: 8MP rear camera with autofocus and LED flash, excellent sharpness and color reproduction;
  • cons: weak video chip, easily soiled body, slow when multitasking.

Meizu M5C

Another smartphone in the middle price category from Meizu, which is worth paying attention to. Equipped with a large IPS screen 6 inches, shows the best value for money:

  • name: Meizu M3 Max;
  • price: 14990 rubles;
  • Features: Android 6.0, 64 GB permanent memory and 3 GB operational, 13 P rear camera, front camera – 5 megapixels;
  • pluses: bright, large screen, support for fast charging, good autonomy;
  • Cons: in cloudy weather, a lot of noise in the photo and poor detail.

Meizu M3 Max


The product quality of the Chinese company Elephone has become much better, so their mobile phones began to buy more often. The latest generation gadgets are equipped with a high-quality display, multi-pixel camera, unique design. The screens of most Elephone phones are covered with glass having a protective oleophobic coating. Powerful processors with a large amount of RAM and a graphics accelerator give high performance.

Recent models are equipped with a fingerprint scanner. Rechargeable batteries allow you to use the gadget offline for a long time. Such models sell cheaply:

  • name: Elephone R9;
  • price: 11500 r.;
  • specifications: 5.5 “screen, resolution 1920×1080, 10 nuclear processor, 3GB RAM, built-in 32 GB, rear camera 13 megapixels, front 5 megapixels;
  • pluses: durable metal case, high-quality images;
  • cons: very hot, few accessories.

Elephone r9

Another phone from Elephone, which is popular. Since the model supports 4G and works with two SIM cards, it is preferred not only by lovers of selfies, but also fans of Internet surfing..

  • name: Elephone C1X;
  • price: 6300 r.;
  • Features: 5.5 “screen, 4 core processor, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB internal, 8 MP rear camera, 5 MP front camera;
  • pluses: low cost, updated OS, good camera;
  • cons: fingerprint scanner does not work well, slippery body.

Elephone C1X


On sale, an inexpensive smartphone with a good camera by the Chinese company Oukitel is often found. Buyers are attracted by the low cost of multifunctional gadgets that stand out for their unusual appearance. The communicators of this brand are equipped with a large screen and a high-quality camera that takes great pictures. In all the latest models, 2 SIM cards are inserted, working alternately.

The performance of Oukitel devices is long. Pleased with the multimedia capabilities of gadgets. Oukitel smartphones with multi pixel cameras:

  • name: U7 Plus;
  • price: 5600 r.;
  • Features: 5.5 “screen with a resolution of 1280×720, a 8 megapixel camera, 16 GB of RAM;
  • pluses: high-quality frames, smart fingerprint scanner;
  • cons: low quality front camera, quiet sound.

U7 Plus

An improved version of the previous smartphone, which was recently introduced in the Russian market by the Chinese company Oukitel. At an inexpensive cost, some parameters of the gadget are brought to the ideal:

  • name: U15 Pro;
  • price: 6500 r.;
  • Features: Android 6.0, 16 MP camera, support for LTE;
  • pluses: a metal back cover, a lot of RAM (32 GB);
  • cons: during a conversation sometimes you can not hear the interlocutor due to the poor quality of the external speaker.

U15 Pro


Fans of smartphones call Sony the favorite among all manufacturers of gadgets. Some users put the company on the level with the iPhone. A huge plus of Sony Xperia mobile devices is the equipment with first-class cameras, both main and front. This is especially true for flagships. Another plus is the design. All Sony models have a number of branded elements that make the brand recognizable. The most popular budget smartphones:

  • name: Sony Xperia M5 (Dual);
  • price: 11250 p.;
  • specifications: processor 2000 MHz, memory 16 GB + 200 GB, camera 21.5 MP;
  • pluses: bright display, high performance;
  • cons: weak battery.

Sony Xperia M5 (Dual)

One of the most inexpensive smartphones from the Japanese manufacturer with a 20 megapixel device is Sony Xperia Z1. This device has been released for a long time, so it is often bought on sales or on stocks in stores..

  • name: Sony Xperia Z1;
  • price: 8800 r.;
  • Features: Android 4.4, 5 “screen with Full HD resolution, 20.7 MP camera;
  • Pros: powerful processor; Support LTE-A 4 categories;
  • Cons: thick frames on the sides of the display, the old version of the operating system, large dimensions of the device.

Sony Xperia Z1


Inexpensive phones of the Chinese company ZTE have wide functionality and excellent service. A wide range of devices makes the choice flexible, taking into account the requirements of the buyer. Over the period of its existence, the company has introduced all modern technologies to expand the functionality of gadgets. In the international market, the main competitors of ZTE are Samsung and Nokia. Overview of inexpensive models that take high-quality pictures:

  • name: ZTE Blade Z7;
  • price: 12300 r.;
  • Features: two SIM cards, 5 “screen, 16 megapixel camera, 2 GB of RAM;
  • pluses: large screen, high-quality photos, support 4G;
  • cons: low RAM, weak battery.

ZTE Blade Z7

Another smartphone from ZTE, which makes great selfies. The mobile device has demonstrated excellent build quality at a relatively low cost:

  • name: Nubia Z11;
  • price: 18000 r.;
  • Features: 5.5 “screen size, 4 core processor, 4 GB of memory;
  • pluses: chic appearance, high performance;
  • cons: some games run at minimum settings.

Nubia z11


Huawei is a leading Chinese manufacturer of mobile devices. At the end of 2019, the company accounted for 9.6% of smartphone sales. Unlike other Chinese brands that produce low-cost gadgets, Huawei is not afraid to compete with Samsung and Apple, releasing premium segment communicators. Models with good cameras:

  • name: Honor 5A;
  • price: 7500 r.;
  • Features: 5 “screen, Android 5.1 OS, 2 GB of memory, 13 MP and 5 MP cameras;
  • pluses: the battery holds for a long time, the phone does not slow down even with multitasking;
  • cons: poor shooting quality in low light, no headphones included.

Honor 5A

Another inexpensive camera phone introduced by Huawei. The phone is equipped with an 8-core processor, and the battery capacity is 3340. The manufacturer promises that the device will work up to 11.5 hours without charging:

  • name: Honor 6X 32Gb;
  • price: 11990 r.;
  • Features: Android 6.0, 3 GB of memory, 5.5 “screen, 2 slots for SIM cards, dual camera 12MP and 2MP, aperture: f / 2.2;
  • pluses: fingerprint scanner, dual-tone LED-flash, vision protection mode;
  • cons: choice between the second SIM card and memory expansion, average performance.

Honor 6X 32Gb

How to choose an inexpensive smartphone with a good camera

Recently, there has been a tendency to save. Less thoughtless purchases are made under the influence of advertising, especially since now manufacturers offer a wide selection of inexpensive camera phones that can replace the camera. You can buy a mobile device, both in the hardware store, and order in the online store with delivery by mail. So that the purchase does not disappoint, you need to be able to choose the right gadget.

First you need to consider the capabilities of inexpensive smartphones that are useful to you. To do this, it is better to make a list of device characteristics in advance, prioritizing them. For example, to put in the first place the availability of the ability to take a selfie, in the second – to listen to music, in the third – to play and so on. For a mobile device to meet all the requirements, consider not only the flagships of the industry, but also brands that are inferior in popularity. All manufacturers’ offers are divided into 4 categories:

  1. And the brands. Promoted mobile devices with many additional features that are not always needed, but you have to pay extra for them.
  2. In brands. The average category of smartphones with features similar to category A, but very different in price. This group is widely represented by Chinese manufacturers.
  3. With brands. Unknown brands of inexpensive smartphones that are sold at a very attractive price, for example, Zopo, Cubot, Oppo, Doogee.
  4. D brands. All other mobile devices that do not have a brand at all. Inexpensive mobile devices can be produced clandestinely, so buying such devices is not recommended.

With a good battery

As a rule, long-playing communicators do not have an advanced filling, and vice versa, if the phone takes decent pictures, then the battery is far from ideal. Finding decent devices in the cheap segment is difficult, but possible. For convenience, smartphones are located in increasing prices – from budget to expensive:

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro;
  • Meizu MX6;
  • Xiaomi Redmi Pro;
  • ZTE Nubia Z11 Max;
  • HTC One X10;
  • DOOGEE F7 Pro;
  • Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro;
  • Xiaomi Mi Note 2;
  • Huawei Mate 9;
  • ASUS ZenFone 3 Ultra.

ASUS ZenFone 3 Ultra

Chinese smartphone

As practice shows, many Chinese mobile devices surpassed most of the hyped brands in terms of performance and design. When buying an inexpensive smartphone with a multi-pixel camera and a capacitive battery, pay attention to other criteria:

  1. Screen size. Varies from 4 and more inches. If you want to use the device only for sending photos, making and receiving calls or text messages, it is recommended to purchase a screen with a size of 4 to 4.7 inches, so as not to overpay.
  2. Resolution. If you plan to use the gadget as a regular phone, then enough screen resolution up to 720×1280. For internet and reading books, buy a higher resolution phone.
  3. The power of the processor and RAM. The minimum OS for the phone to function normally is 512 MB. As for the processor, if you plan to use only one application, then 2 core ones will be enough. For multitasking, you need a device with 4 core processors and higher.
  4. Battery capacity. It is expressed in milliampere / hour. The larger the screen size, the higher should be the number of mAh. Compare these indicators when buying a device.
  5. Photo camcorder. The more pixels, the higher the quality of the pictures. For high-quality photos and videos, choose models with 8 megapixels and higher.

Chinese smartphone with a good camera and battery

With a good front camera

The development of social networks has spawned a whole generation of lovers of selfies (self-portraits). To look great in the pictures, you must certainly get a phone with a good front camera. This is a camera located on the front of the mobile device. It is sometimes difficult to notice it, since in some models the eye is quite small.

The device is necessary not only for selfies, but also for video calls, which have also become popular. If some time ago, manufacturers did not pay much attention to the front cameras, now everything has changed. Top best mobile phones with reverse camera:

  • ASUS ZenFone Selfie ZD551KL;
  • Sony Xperia X Performance;
  • BQ BQS-5050 Strike Selfie;
  • ZTE Blade S7;
  • Leagoo Elite 1.

Leagoo Elite 1

With great memory

Choosing a smartphone with a good camera is not a problem, but finding a low-cost gadget, which, at the same time, will have a lot of RAM, is more difficult. The rating includes inexpensive devices with a large amount of memory:

  • Xiaomi Mi Max;
  • Lenovo P2;
  • Samsung Galaxy S6;
  • Asus ZenFone Zoom;
  • Highscreen Power Five Max;
  • ZTE Blade A610 Plus.

ZTE Blade A610 Plus

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