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Unconditional convenience of the smartphone lies in the touch screen – it is easy to work with. Quality is overshadowed only by the formation of cracks on the surface. Damage can be avoided by a protective film, but often this accessory significantly reduces the sensitivity of the sensor. Learn how to polish your screen in various ways..

How to remove scratches from your phone screen with professional tools

Liquids and pasty mixtures, designed specifically for cleaning the front of the device, contain components that will cope with the task and at the same time not damage the device. Often, professional tools may additionally require a cotton pad or car towel, which will make it easier to apply the mixture. In some cases, application devices are included, simplifying and speeding up cleaning. Store compositions can be polished both iPhone and other devices.

Goy paste paste

The choice of screen cleaning method depends on the depth of the defects. When they look for how to get rid of scratches on the phone screen, they remember the GOI paste. It uses chromium oxide powder as an abrasive, and the product itself can be of four types. For polishing the glass of the phone, only the first option with the least abrasive ability is suitable. Before polishing, carefully glue the sides of the phone with double-sided tape so that the product does not fall into the slots and openings of the device. Pasta is produced in two forms, on which the method of application depends:

  • Impregnated felt circle. Containing a certain amount of paste, felt is more convenient to use, but can be inferior in efficiency to the second option. To clean the glass of your phone with such a device, just walk on it several times, paying special attention to deep scratches.
  • Paste-like substance. The advantage of this form is that the user himself can adjust the quantity. Squeeze a certain amount of the substance onto the screen and distribute it in a circular motion with a soft cloth. After cleaning, wipe off excess with a dry, clean cloth.

GOI pasta in a jar

How to remove scratches from your phone with displex paste

Unlike the previous version, this paste is more modern. The development was created specifically for displays, including touch displays. Choosing how to remove scratches from the phone screen, the user will rather prefer a specialized tool. Displex is available in a small tube with a pointed nose, which is convenient to use for applying the composition to the screen.

To remove defects from the glass, you need a soft, light cloth. Its color is important, because during the polishing process, the cloth will necessarily darken, which will allow you to control the result. After cleaning, wipe the glass dry and check if the paste has done its job. If you notice that a few cracks still remain, repeat the procedure again. In this way, you can also polish the glass of the camera so that the photos are better.

The price of tools to remove scratches from the phone screen

Faced with the problem of minor visual defects on a mobile device, the user focuses not only on the effect of the product, but also on the cost. You can tidy up your favorite gadget at a very symbolic price. For example, GOI paste will cost only 65 rubles for a jar of 45 g, which is not enough for one phone. A foreign assistant in the fight against cracks will cost much more. At a price of 300 p. you will receive a small five gram tube. These compounds and the like can be bought in the online store according to the catalog, ordering delivery to any city.

Polishing your phone screen at home

It is possible to refuse specialized tools and resort to alternative methods, but in this case you must be fully aware of the risks. Users who decide how to remove scratches on their phones often encounter the inefficiency of their chosen home remedy. They try to return the surface to a mirror shine using the most unexpected methods, for example, by making gruel from baby powder and water. The result of such tricks depends on the depth of the cracks: the fine-grained composition cannot cope with serious damage..

Cloth with substance in hands and a smartphone on the table

How to get rid of scratches on your phone with toothpaste

Damage to the mobile screen – this is the price of neglecting protective films and covers. If the defects are minor, then you can cope with them with inexpensive improvised means. This is surprising, but you can brush with toothpaste not only the oral cavity, but also the outer surface of the phone. This is easy to do by following this algorithm:

  1. Before removing small scratches from the phone screen, wipe the glass to get rid of dust particles and larger particles that can cause even greater damage.
  2. Tape the headphone and charging jacks with tape, and also close all the slots into which the composition may fall.
  3. Squeeze a small amount of paste onto the screen and distribute it in a circular motion with a cotton pad.
  4. Dry the unit after exposure and check if the desired effect is achieved..
  5. If the scratch does not completely disappear, repeat the procedure..

How to polish a soda phone screen

At home, all methods are good, especially those that are familiar to us from an early age. It is known that when darkening dishes, it is better to use baking soda, which will scrape off plaque and give the plates and cups their original appearance. Thinking about how to remove scratches from the glass of a smartphone, you can resort to the same tool, very affordable. Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Dilute soda powder with water in a ratio of 2: 1 to a paste-like state.
  2. Cover all slots and connectors of the phone so as not to damage the gadget.
  3. Apply a small amount of the mixture to the clean glass of your smartphone..
  4. Use a cloth to rub the composition for about 10 minutes.
  5. Wipe the surface first with a slightly damp cloth and then with a dry cloth. Rate the effect.

Baking soda in a spoon and water

Removing scratches from the phone screen with polish

Compositions designed for machines will be able to clean the surface. For example, car polish may be one of the solutions to remove glass scratches. This option is not intended for displays, so you need to use it very carefully and in small quantities. If, grinding the polish in a circular motion on the glass, you did not notice improvements, do not repeat the process again. There are polishes for displays, similar to car ones in appearance, but differing in composition. They will not damage the sensitivity of the sensor and anti-reflective coating..

How to remove minor scratches on the phone screen using vegetable oil

In addition to obtaining the desired effect, any user wants to clean the display from defects at an adequate price. Oily textures are not able to cope with serious damage, but in their power to give the phone a more neat appearance. Work order:

  1. Before removing scratches from the phone screen, dust off the display.
  2. Put a drop of oil on the glass.
  3. Rub with a microfiber cloth until the oiliness is no longer apparent..
  4. Clean up excess by wetting the display with a cloth.
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