Spyware program for Android for tracking a subscriber or listening to conversations – how to find and install

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Applications and special programs on smartphones are increasingly used by us in everyday life. We get used to shopping, financial transactions, and chatting with friends around the world. If you need to additionally monitor your child’s social circle, listen to conversations of company employees or family members, you will need a spy program for android or ios, which is easy to download and install on your smartphone. It will be useful for monitoring children, the elderly, domestic staff, or employees..

What is a spyware program?

To use the phone control service, personal registration is required on the program developer’s website. When registering, you must remember the username, password to enter the service, confirm your phone or email address. Spyware differs from each other in control functions, in the types of presentation of information “removed” from the monitored device to you. This can be a screen screen, a table of calls, SMS, recording conversations. The program for tracking the Android phone must be secretly downloaded from the user, installed, activated on the smartphone.

Types of Spyware

Remote control programs for smartphones are divided into the following types:

  • tracking user activity in WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, VK instant messengers;
  • remote control of a video camera or microphone on a device for real-time monitoring;
  • control of your own and other people’s SMS, voice messages;
  • wiretapping of calls;
  • determination of the location of the controlled device.


Spy features

Exercising control over the smartphone, the spy program on Android implements the functions of tracking and logging all actions of the object. Having collected information, depending on the type of functions you have selected, on your smartphone or computer via the Internet utility will provide the ability to receive data:

  • a log of incoming, missed, outgoing calls of subscribers with their names, duration of the conversation;
  • audio recordings of telephone conversations;
  • list and texts of all SMS, MMS messages with the time they were received or sent;
  • photo and video information shot with a spy camera of a controlled device;
  • the current location of the subscriber with online tracking of movements using geolocation at the base stations of the GSM operator or GPS navigation;
  • browsing history of smartphone browser pages;
  • accounting for downloaded, installed, used applications;
  • sound control of the environment using remote microphone control.

Spyware for Android

Among the range of proposed spyware there are free utilities that, when analyzed and verified, are ineffective. To obtain high-quality information, it is necessary to spend funds for the collection, storage of photo, video, audio information. After registering on the developer’s website, the client receives a personal account indicating the connected control functions, the information collected.

The paid program for wiretapping a mobile phone for Android is developed taking into account the need to satisfy the most fastidious customers in several ways:

  • ease of installation;
  • the invisibility of being on a controlled smartphone;
  • convenience for the customer to receive and save the collected information.


One of the easiest spyware programs for a computer or smartphone is Neospy. NeoSpy Mobile for the Android platform is a legal application that can be downloaded from Google Play. When downloading a new version of NeoSpy Mobile v1.9 PRO with installation, downloading the apk archive, settings are possible in which the program will not be displayed in the Google Play application list, will be able to monitor the smartphone keyboard, intercept photos from the camera. The cost of using the program depends on the selected functions and will range from 20 to 50 rubles per day.

Neospy Spyware


More serious is the spy on the Android Talklog phone. Before installing it on your smartphone, you will need to disable antivirus software. You will need to allow the installation of applications from other sources in the phone’s security settings. The Talklog service is a full-fledged spy that can receive almost all information about the activity of the control object. The utility has a free mode of familiarization with its capabilities and several basic free features. The cost will be from 10 to 50 rubles per day, depending on the functionality you need.

Talklog Spyware Interface


Flexispy spy software for Android includes a huge number of ways to access your smartphone – intercepting SMS, mms messages, wiretapping, recording phone conversations, reading dialogs from 14 internal chats (Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, WeChat, Telegram, etc.) , interception of a call in real time, listening to the environment of the phone through a microphone, more than 140 functions. The cost of using the utility is appropriate – the minimum Premium package will cost you 6,000 rubles for 3 months, the maximum Extreme – up to 12,000 rubles for 3 months of use.

Flexispy Spyware

Mobile tool

MobileTool spy app for the Android operating system will provide you with information about calls, SMS, MMS, phone location, phone book. It is able to remove its shortcut from the list of applications. You will have access to functions – viewing photos, anti-theft protection by locking the device, turning on the siren. All information will be available in your account on the application website. There is a two-day trial mode of checking the functionality, discounts depend on the period of use. The average payment for using the utility will be about 30 rubles per day.

MobileTool Spyware Application

Mobile monitoring

Mobile spy for Android Mobile Monitoring (mobile monitoring) after registering on the site, choosing a tariff plan and paying, will make it possible to save telephone conversations, the function of a voice recorder, save all SMS messages, geolocation of the phone’s location, and construction of travel routes. The program works on smartphones of any mobile operators in Russia. The cost when choosing only geolocation will be 800 rubles for 3 months, full functionality – 1550 rubles for 3 months, with a 40% discount when paying for the year.

Mobile Monitoring Utility

How to install spyware on your phone

Installation of a mobile spy begins with registration via the Internet on the manufacturer’s website, choosing a tariff plan, and paying for services. Then a link is provided that must be entered in the smartphone browser to download the program. Some spyware programs for Android are available through Google Play, they are downloaded like regular applications. When installing and activating the program, permission to access all the smartphone functions necessary for its operation will be required. You may need permission to use programs that come from unknown sources..

How to detect spyware on Android

Most spyware programs for Android have the function of masking their location on a smartphone. They can exclude themselves from the list of applications, not show their activity during periods of using the phone. Many antivirus programs can detect such software. To protect against spyware and malware, it’s worthwhile to get into the habit of running a full phone scan once a week or setting it to run automatically on schedule. The main signs of such programs working on the phone may be:

  • braking the mobile phone;
  • fast battery drain;
  • unnecessarily eating up internet traffic.

Smartphone and battery

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