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Corporate event, wedding, anniversary – these events can be noted interestingly, vividly, you just have to choose the right theme for the holiday. The style of the great Gatsby is an ideal choice for lovers of unbridled fun, luxury, atmosphere of the 20s, 30s. A good script, suitable music, clothes, hairstyle, jewelry – all this is important for the celebration to succeed.

Gatsby party script

The atmosphere of America of the 20-30s, skillfully described by the writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald and repeatedly filmed, so impressed the minds of mankind that Gatsby Style appeared. Bright and unrestrained, this theme is popular in organizing weddings, New Year’s corporate parties, and retro parties. Gatsby-style party scenario takes everyone to the age of sophisticated evening toilets, energetic dances to the sounds of jazz, unbridled fun.

To prepare for the celebration, you need to provide all the little things to accurately reflect the atmosphere of those times. It is necessary to choose a suitable room (restaurant, cafe or other room), decorate it, prepare and send out invitations, buy or sew costumes, develop a menu, take care of music, entertainment. It is worth thinking about the photozone, which conveys the brightness of the era, its splendor. Guests will be happy to participate in photo shoots. After planning and preparing all these details, you can expect that the holiday will succeed.

Gatsby party

Gatsby Party Music

Music will set the mood for the holiday and the best, but not the cheapest pleasure, will be the choice of a professional jazz orchestra. Incendiary dances, as dictated by the fashion of the 20s (charleston, swing, jazz sounds of the saxophone, piano) – these rhythms will help create a real show. If it is not possible to invite an orchestra, you can search for a cover band, saxophonist or find high-quality recordings of jazz compositions, soundtracks for the film. Music is the main factor dictating the mood of the participants of the celebration, do not neglect this.

Gatsby Party Contests

Organizing a graduation party, birthday, any other celebration in the style of the past era, you need to come up with interesting contests for a Gatsby-style party. Card games, tricks, dances, songs will help to captivate the guests of the holiday. Charleston was especially popular in those years. A great idea would be to organize a dance workshop. Offer your guests this contest:

  1. On the floor, mark the straight line with chalk or multi-colored tape, along which the participants of the game can become. Hats are handed out to them.
  2. At different distances set three bottles of champagne, for example, 1 meter, 2 or 3 meters.
  3. Participants must, without stepping over the line, throw their hats on bottles.
  4. Winner receives a gift: hat and champagne.

Gambling will also entertain guests: poker, roulette – this will emphasize the surroundings of time. The action should end as brilliantly as it passed: fireworks, the removal of a huge cake or a joint photo shoot, the romantic launch of flashlights in the night sky. And all this can happen to the sounds of wonderful jazz compositions performed by a professional orchestra.

Gatsby style for men

The participants of the holiday create their own image, as the style of the 20s dictates. For men, it is assumed that certain clothes and men’s accessories are available:

  • three-piece suit (tuxedo, trousers, vest), complemented by a bow-tie or tie of various colors;
  • boater hats;
  • classic oxfords – suitable shoes from the time of the great Gatsby;
  • canes, cigars, watches on a chain;
  • roses or carnations attached to the lapel of the costume.

Gatsby style men

Gatsby style for women

Gatsby’s style is especially gorgeous for women: the brightest, most brilliant and challenging evening dresses are appropriate here. A dress decorated with silver or gold beads, pebbles, sequins, complemented by a boa, a pearl necklace and an elegant hat or headband with feathers will perfectly complement the look. Fur will be appropriate: a boa or light mantle goes well with other clothes. Bright makeup, manicure, shoes, gloves to the elbow will complement the image of the great Gatsby girl.

Gatsby style dresses

Gatsby-style women’s clothing is a dress with a special straight cut with a low waistline. Skirt length – to the knee, asymmetrical hem. The colors for clothes are chosen calm: black, brown, white, silver. On the back – a cut or décolleté. The main accessories that complement the image – embroidery with silver and gold threads, rhinestones, beads, the bottom of the product is decorated with fringe.

Gatsby style dresses

Gatsby style makeup

Particular attention should be paid to makeup. It should be bright, juicy and a little flashy, as evidenced by the photo. Lipstick of red or burgundy color contrasts with a pale complexion and an elegant line of thin eyebrows. Dark shadows, mascara and arrows accentuate the cut of the eyes. This makeup is special: both lips and eyes are emphasized. Especially extravagant ladies can draw a mole on their cheek (“fly”).

Gatsby style hairstyles

When choosing hairstyles in the Gatsby style, it’s worth stopping at a haircut a la “Garconne” – short or medium length, like the main character of the film or fashionistas of those times in old photos. The image will be completed by a tiny hat, or a stylish accessory. If a party or corporate event will be held indoors, it is better to take care of the original hair ornament: ostrich feather, hoop, lace or ribbon with embroidery.

Hair cuts, flowing waves of hair, curled rings on the forehead or temples are relevant for women. It is not necessary to specially cut your hair; a bundle or tail of hair that is decorated with a hairpin with rhinestones or pearls, a veil or a thin scarf will look stylish. With men, everything is much simpler: a neatly smoothed hairstyle, a small mustache – and the party in the style of the great Gatsby will succeed.

Gatsby style hairstyles

Gatsby style jewelry

Do not neglect the choice of accessories: jewelry in the style of Gatsby will help to make the image more holistic, complete. A long pearl string, complemented by a sparkling brooch, earrings, bracelets, goes well with gloves to the elbows and a bandage with a feather or a small hat. A shiny little handbag or pouch on a cord that will complement the image will be appropriate. Jazz party suggests plenty of accessories.

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